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Denim Obsession
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This is an easy, very open ended and creative topic for just about any and EVERYTHING that is focused on denim or jeans fabric.  If you love women in denim this is the place to post it!  Feel free to get as creative as you like and really get into it... 

Any examples may include general clothes, most articles of clothing and some accessories that would look sexy in nature.

EXAMPLES:  denim jeans & shirts, denim shorts & pants, denim leggings, denim tights, overalls, playsuits, rompers, jumpsuits, denim dresses & shirtdresses, minidresses, denim miniskirts, denim vests, denim halters, denim string bikinis, denim onepiece swimsuits & bodysuits, denim high-heels, denim boots, denim ballet flats & shoes, denim sandals, denim bustiers, denim catsuits, denim hair scrunchies, denim bra/panties, denim headwraps, denim ball caps, denim earrings... etc.


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