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Elaine COHF
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Vanessa Naughty
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Maya from cohf - *there are two Mayas in cohf*!
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I have been looking for information on this Maya, a girl who participated in the COHF series. It must be from the older times, because there has been another Maya in shoots later on.

Sorry for reposting (my other post got locked), but I have to inform the admins that this is *a different* Maya than the one referred to here:


Anyone has more info on this girl? She really seems to enjoy what she's doing!

Tina from COHF
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The rollerblade girl set is one of my all time favorites.
COHF: crystal
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Does anyone have links to Crystal from the COHF: road trip section. She's a blonde who has a gangbang on an RV.

Autum from COHF ?
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found this link

www (dot) megarotic (dot) com /?d=uvjlrzm2

but I'm not premium and I'm limited to 1Gb per day...

does some premium user could download it and reupload it splitted into 2 files ?

katina - Stoking stars / COHF
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Yes - really would like to see more of her. Great girl!

Old COHF GIRL! Who is it??
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Second on left in Pic #1 & First on left in Pic #13

Julia - COHF
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Anyone know who Julia from very early (1999) COHF is?

Anyone have any links?

Here is a banner with her:

Here is a face picture:

Innocent High Ruby
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Ruby in a B/G Hardcore scene at Innocent High

15 pics -
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11 pics -,0,0,0,
12 pics -,0,0,0,

3 mpg vids -
5 mpg vids -

Cumonherface (cohf) Tina and Brooke
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Both girls can easily be found with the searchtool.
Sandra from COHF
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2nd time trying... sorry for double posting on the same day - too eager!


There seems to be loads of COHF pictures of the other girls on here Tina, Laura, Melissa etc, but none of the gorgeous Sandra.

Does anyone have some links for her (or if anyone has full videos, could you please PM me as I'll bow down and kiss your feet for them).

Sandra is well worth the effort!

cohf tabitha
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Don't start duplicate threads.  Stick to your original request and post only if something new.


beautiful Britney or Kasey
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Over the years I know we've all had our favorite favorite is Brittany Bailey. That combination of sweetness and willingness is a hard combination to beat. She's been a little hard to find lately, but here's one from Strokejobs...
85 MB (23:28)

Enjoy...I have more of Brittany if any one's interested.

 Here's the original video I was searching for, "Kasey In the VIP, 2 For 1 Special"...She fucks and sucks two guys on this one. It took a little time to find the complete video.
253 MB

Here's one from the COHF series, Debbie & Casey: Girl Talk.
446 MB, (38:02)

Here's a fourth movie with Brittany Bailey on the BJ POV series:
105 MB

Sara from cum on her face - real name ? Links elsewhere ?
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As far as I know, all she has done is 3 or 4 sets for CumOnHerFace.
Major hottie though. Hope she has done other stuff.

jenny cohf
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there's a few here. all her galleries will be a few years old now, and she never worked with cohf that i know of. never seen her with more than 2 guys.

cumonherface ,cohf, tabitha
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me wanna see more of dis gal, her name i think is Tabitha, help me out


here she's with cumonherface


chek her out..

COHF girl...
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In the first pitcure who is the girl on the right? (In the blue denim skirt).

More of her would be good!


Amazing and so dirty Summer !
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Anyone has more of Summer from CumOnHerFace ?

Thanks ! Stick out tongue [:P]

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