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Antonia (firstanalquest)
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Antonia (18xGirls / DoubleViewCasting / FirstAnalQuest / LovelyTeenMovs / TeenDreams / TeenMegaWorld / WTFPass)
Becca (Sapphix)
Erica (TeenGirls)
Fayina (NubilesPorn)
Feline (Seventeen)
Inessa (BrutalFisting / DildoAndFisting / HugeStraponLesbians / TeenCoreClub)
Inna (DirtyFlix)
Innessa (EvilAngel / FameDigital / LegalPorno)
Ira (XFreaX)
Jenny (1PassForAllSites)
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Malika (ChickiPorn / WTFPass)
Nessa (HugeStraponLesbians)
Sandra (ParadiseFilms)

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WOULD be nice to KNOW who you are looking for???

I found 4 inna's   NOTHING else.



Inna (ATK Hairy)
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Inna (JustTeenSite)
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She is Inna V from Domai. She has the nicest ass ever.

Inna (TeenSexMovs / Just18)
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and studentsexfriends (Masha)



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Aimée (SapphicErotica)
Aimee (SapphicErotica)
Alison (PleasureArchives)
Amie (SapphicErotica)
Andrea (RedCityNudes)
Andreia (RedCityNudes)
Angel (GroupTeenCasting / TeenCoreClub / TeenDreams)
Ashton (TeenDreams)
Devora (21Sextury)
Felicia C (FerroNetwork)
Floriya (1PassForAllSites / BloodyVirgins)
Glasha (SPCompany)
Inna (18PussyClub)
Katie (FritzRyan)
Katya (TeenMegaWorld)
Lauretta (FerroNetwork)
Lexie (SecretVirgin)
Leyla (CutiesFlashing)
Liana (MyCuteTeens)
Lika (NubileOnes)
Lindsey (CreamInTeen)
Mara (FameDigital / PutaLocura / TorbeInRussia)
Maria (Tasty18And19)
Mariella (FameDigital / LegalPorno)
Marina 4 (KarupsPC)
Marina (1PassForAllSites / ATK-Archives / ATK-Galleria / CastingChicks / CutiesInStockings / FerroNetwork / GirlsDrinkCum / GroupTeenCasting / KarupsPC / RussiaNymphos / Sineplex / SPCompany / Tasty18And19 / TeensInSpace / TwistysNetwork / WantedGFs)
Marjolein (Seventeen)
Olesja (TeenMegaWorld)
Staci (CuteGirlFeet)
Vica (TeenXXXHardcore)
Vika (TeenXXXHardcore)

Kacey (Karups) / Lilly (Nubiles) / Kalie (PacinosWorld)
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Audrey (WTFPass)
Emma (MyPreciousVirgins)
Flo (My18Teens / MyPreciousVirgins)
Inna (MyStudioVideo)
Kacey (KarupsPC)
Kalie (EvilAngel / FameDigital / PacinosWorld / PantiesVille / PrivateInnocence / SweetWhitePanties)
Ksusha (TeenMegaWorld)
Lauren (1PassForAllSites)
Lilly (NubilesPorn)
Marta (18PussyClub)
Melody (FritzRyan)
Sonya (JustTeensPorn)
Yuliya (TeenMegaWorld)
Zhenya Mills (PlatinumMedia)

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu - Inna (singer model)

WOW... some european model and singer WICKED hot. Images and Video\


please, help with her name
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Hi, need help with the name of this beauty.......cant remember exactly , but i think she was something like irina , inna, etc, from met models maybe .....???



Inna (HairyPussyCuties / AllHairy)
Teen Girls Please post more of this cutie if you have do you know any other names that she use?
inna from
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next time use the searchtool......

Inna from Domai - some more pictures?
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I found the model Inna from babenco Models... looks like she switched here the link:


Some more pictures of her?


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Don't start duplicate threads please.............!!

please ID this cute girl
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Inna R (Max Asolo/MET-Art) / Natasha Shy


Poser from Met-Art
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I think that is Inna A.  Use the search function.

inna tricky old teacher
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Next time use the searchtool....



Who are those girls?
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 One is Inna C. (MET-Art) aka Larissa (MPL-Studios). I’m pretty sure the second is Ekaterina C (MET) Katerina (MPL).. One model per request anyhow, and next time try checking the title in the URL, the names are right there. Then, use our search so others don’t have to do the hard work for you..

Anyone have this series or more of these girls
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The left girl is Inna C

Off-hand I don't recognize the right girl.

This pic originates from a MET-Art series.  Maybe you'll trace her in Inna's thread.

REMINDER:  Multiple girl requests not allowed here.


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left girl:

Multiple girls requests not allowed here.  You might find her friend in Inna's thread

need id.
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Inna C. (MET-Art) / Larissa (MPL-Studios)


Inna (?)
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 2nd request for that link tonight?

Inna G  

girl with rascal (3 lillies). does anyone know her name?
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No, not Violet.  I think she is Natasha G.  If you check other MET sets around the same time for Natasha G you will see the resemblence.  As for the brunet, she was never identified as far as I can tell.  Of course, it was common in those days not to name the models.  Also, never try to identify MET-ART models by name from Met-Models.  At Met-Models, in the early years, they changed the names of most of the models from MET; ie. Inna Q was identified with at least 3 different names - Anna, Noemi, Vika etc.  Ahh the wonder of MET.

Who's the Babe in the Orange Skirt?
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Ekaterina C (MET-Art) with Inna C in set "Silkas"

does anyone ...
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Inna R (Max Asolo/MET-Art) / Natasha Shy
Lena WildInnocence HELP!!!!
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Still nothing, man - waiting's killing me. Has she been on any other sites than wildinnocence such as Inna C?

Inna Q. Met Art
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I already did a search on this one. 

Did you really......?


Unknown Met girl!
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The same 2 girls appear in a set called Tokalau (6 Oct 2005), also by Goncharov, where they were identified as Inna & Inna. They look very much alike. The one in the chair in the Apricots set is Inna A. The other Inna also appears in a set called High Society.

Inna (Met Art)
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There are a few Inna's, but I'm guessing you mean Inna A:

Here's her thread, which debates the various Inna's...

obscure met art brunette
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Julia appeared at MET in 2003 in the cover you found and a couple titled "Atavica"  and again in 2004 in "Atalon"  but no much since then.  As far as I can tell she was the first brunette "Julia" at MET.  It has since become a very popular name, along with Anna, Inna, and several others.



Any more sets with this gal?
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Pic is perfectly visible for me. Requested girl posing with Inna Q.  Think it's indeed the only time she did appear.

I didn't recognize her.  Think those series were called "River Encounters" by Voronin. MET-Art index Inna Q and Model-No-Name (2004?)

I found a link of that shoot:


Inessa - Justteensite
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a.k.a. Inna Q. MET-Art

(next time use the searchtool....)


Search facility
Questions & Feedback

Search producing individual postings are essential b.o. many girls having several aliases/pseudonyms.  By clicking 'show post' you can be put on right track.

That's true as well. I suppose we have 2 usage cases here. What you're saying is, when you type Inez (Femjoy's name for Met's Inna C), you don't want to wade through Inna C's thread, which is 9 pages (180 posts) long. You want the "show post" feature to take you straight to the relevant post within the thread. What I'm saying is, when you type Inna, you don't want to wade through 16 pages (455 posts). You want the threads only. You want Inna C's thread listed once, not 180 times. What would be really nice is to have the choice: return individual postings or threads.


Sophisticated search criteria can be used with Peachy search as well.  If you type inna C met-art you get less results but more on-topic.

In short I would say the present Peachy searchtool is pretty good maybe even perfect....

Good... yes. Perfect... no.

Example: try searching for one of Met's "minor" Innas, e.g. Inna F. Type inna: you get 455 hits, 16 pages. I'm not going through wade through that, so next I try inna F. Still 455 hits. That's because any post that has the character F in it satisfies the F part of the search criteria. Next try inna F met. Still 395 hits, 14 pages. Next try inna F met-art. This time I get "only" 6 pages (152 hits). Rather than wading through those, I turn to google and type "inna F" This returns just 3 hits, exactly the ones I'm looking for.

The main thing that google can do and that Peachy's advanced search can't is "match exact phrase". Peachy has "match all words", but not "match exact phrase". As a result, I still use google a lot to search peachy. The main advantage of Peach's native search facility is that, unlike google, it's always 100% up-to-date. There are secondary advantages (e.g. filter by date / author / tag), but in practice I don't use them a lot.

Don't get me wrong. It's great to have a search feature. Keep up the good work.


Inna (MetModels)
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Confusing..... Too many Inna's, but here's her thread:

Thumbs up!

Amazing mysterious MET girl!
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ahh hah. knew i'd seen her before at met-art and tried all kinds of searches. in doing so i found the set i was thinking of earlier, but wrong pair of girls.

for some reason "goncharov" kept bouncing around in my head. don't know why b/c i don't know the photographers very well except by name.

going with the voice in my head, i went googling, and found a set with the other girl posing with another girl. so knew her name was either katya or yana. thinking i was on the right track, i kept googling, and bingo. katya and inna posing together. here's her thread:

Inna's Friend
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Her a one Colette, i dont know she is the same girl of the video...

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I'm pretty sure that's Inna, from Met-Art...

i didn't know she did hardcore
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Definately not Inna from MET, but cute.
Oksana (from MET)
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 Cadmo wrote:

More??? More??? More???


Looks like more VIKA from pasha and I believe that kuleshov and jerry ashelon are just 2 nicknames for the same person. (the burning desires met-art set features her with Inna, and that same set appears in the web as coming from these 2 different names).