2 blonde cheerleaders 1 guy old video

Mon, Mar 10 2008 0:32
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Hey guys,

I've been looking for this vid for a very long time but cant find it, any links would be really appreciated, I don't have a pic or anything but I can describe the video, it was 2 blond cheerleaders selling tickets or something, they were wearing a yellow outfit, and they go to this house and ones guy in a towel opens the door, and says yeah brb let me get the money or something they go inside the house, he comes down and drops the towel saying like oops my bad, and they are like no worries we wanted to see it, wanna see ours? or something like that and from there everything goes on.

I hope you guys can find that vid

Thanks a lot
Mon, Mar 10 2008 0:44
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I know that those 2 girls are actual models or pornstars seen them before, very tight girls :P
Wed, Jul 23 2008 6:18
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i found a free video go to


they are there

Sun, Jul 27 2008 1:08
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Wow awesome! Man I've been looking for this vid for sooo long thanks a lot =) 

Sun, Jul 27 2008 1:33
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It's a scene from "Barely Legal #2", it's called "Ticket To Ride".

The girls are Terri Star and Tristan (last one i'm not sure)

Sun, Jul 27 2008 2:03
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[quote user="Rizlamotte"]

It's a scene from "Barely Legal #2", it's called "Ticket To Ride".

The girls are Terri Star and Tristan (last one i'm not sure)


Too kind, thanks !! 

 EDIT: Apparently it's Kristi, not Tristan:


In "Ticket To Ride", two tight-bodied football cheerleaders show their team spirit when they tackle the older men.

[Teri Starr] and Kristi are cheerleaders who show up on [Joel Lawrence]'s door doing a fundraiser.
Damn, these two are super cute and ready for a good deflowering if you ask me.
They want him to buy some tickets to the homecoming game, but as soon as he leaves the room, all Teri can talk about is his cock.
 A slip of the towel and the games have begun.
Teri is perfect as the cute slut-in-waiting cheerleader and her little partner is quite a piece of ass as well.
A quick game of 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' quickly turns into a double blowjob.
Let's see, two hot, young blondes in cheerleader uniforms sucking cock. Yep, this is what porn fun to watch. 
Teri is great with a dick in her mouth, but Kristi more than holds her own.
After this, Joel has two tight, shaved pussies to fill and both women are vocal, demanding little screw toys. 
After fucking both of them for a while, Joel gets a little bit of Teri's ass. 
College cheerleader sodomy sounds to me like a great way for a university to raise a little bit of cash. 
The two little babes share a nice big facial, finishing out the best scene in the movie.		



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