Tue, Dec 7 2004 22:57
I Am Everywhere
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I thought since we had a Abby Winters girls thread Als Scan would be the next best thing. Alot of these girls have been posted here before but here they are all in one place. If you find any I didnt post please add em......

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Wed, Dec 8 2004 4:14
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good call! great initiative!
Tue, Apr 5 2005 19:45
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this one's face I'd know any where.  she was in "can you be a porn star" on pay per view. and she went by the name of  Erica. and I've seen on porn video of her since.  if she's useing an alias  that expalin's why she's hard to find now and day's.
Tue, Apr 5 2005 19:55
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Thanx, foxstar, for RE-SUBMITTING this one. The gallery was already in the list. Also another gallery of her:

Unless I am sure, there will be a lot of people remembering a lot of faces, you will have to give a NEW gallery to us now. Grin***
Tue, Apr 5 2005 20:21
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makeing another Erica set clickable" target="_blank" title="">

I'm sure some of us know her

chritina young.

BTw I've 
Teagan presley among other's there.

oh head spining.
Wed, Apr 6 2005 19:27
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....again we have some new galleries in alsscan...

Sun, Jun 26 2005 9:11
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Geeked [8-|] great links, i love that, THX to ALL for those.

I love Taylor Rain, she is HOT

Sun, Jun 26 2005 18:53
Disco Stu
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When I first saw ALS girls, I thought you wanted pics of girls with Lou Gehrig's Disease.

It all makes more sense now.
Mon, Jun 27 2005 10:34
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It's got nothing to do with deseases. Somehow that is the same abbreviation lettes for that illness, but, 2b honest, is there any three letter without several meanings?
Fri, Jul 8 2005 20:44
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Als scan models is great!
but i search for looong time one girl, she have name als NICOLE, and i can't find pic which her, whos want help me?
Big thx :D
Sat, Jul 9 2005 8:05
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yeah, thx, but i search full galleries
Mon, Oct 24 2005 16:24
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great thread, thanks to all...anymore to add??????
Wed, Oct 26 2005 4:42
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I am looking for pictures of an ALS-girl called EVA. Can anobody help ?

Thanks in advance !

Sat, Dec 10 2005 4:50
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for those who don't know how to get these...

in google write something like

inurl:alsscan inurl:tgp

or whatever is common in the addresses.

works really well and finds them ALL. obviously works for any site with a decent amount of galleries.


Thu, Apr 20 2006 20:13
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Using Google copy the red text below and paste in to the search bar. This will bring up the newest ALS preview galleries. remember to goto the last page first and click "repeat search with the ommited results included".

ALS SCAN "ALS Scan: The hottest models doing the sexiest things!"
or use this link

ALS ANGELS "ALS Angels: The hottest models doing the sexiest things!"
or use this link

For older preview pages try "ALS Scan Promo Page" "ALS Angels Promo Page"

For specific models use and just enter her name afterwards
e.g. paris

have fun ;)

Tue, Jul 31 2007 4:10
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Wed, Jan 23 2008 14:24
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Nella and Amy Lee
Mon, Feb 4 2008 13:12
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Alexis Love

Kylie Richards


Mon, Dec 8 2008 23:42
Undisclosedville, Florida
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Best thing about ALS Girls: they don't fuck around. They get down, dirty and straight to the point.
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Thu, Oct 25 2012 22:41
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Wed, Feb 6 2013 2:05
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post your stuff together, this is why these old threads are the way they are.

OBSERVE  our RULES !!!!!

Wed, Jun 12 2013 9:03
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