Amanda Cruz / CuteAmanda

Sun, Jan 16 2005 5:04
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club ba.jpg

who is she? it's a mystery for me and for many guys I know so if you know more about her please

Sun, Jan 16 2005 5:48
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dude, i don't know who she is, but i'm gonna do my best to find something. For now, i have found where she's hiding...
Sun, Jan 16 2005 5:52
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thanks my friend it's a good geginning.
"nice brunet you can't hide anymore because my friends and I we gonna find you !!!!"Big Smile
Sun, Jan 16 2005 22:40
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Unsure of her name! The blonde is Loni-LONNIE WATERS aka JENNA HEART-I made this same post for someone requesting Loni.

Tue, Jan 25 2005 20:07
Posts 225 I don't think her name is Cole. And the one i'm wanting to find more pics of is the brunette. Would love to have more pics of her. Soft or hardcore will be fine!! Can you guys help?
Tue, Jan 25 2005 21:30
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Your link leads to a members only area-passw prompt! I believe this is who your looking for..Cole

Wed, Jan 26 2005 15:59
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Thanks Fauna, But i don't think it's her. The face isn't right. Can't make a judgement on anything else though. But that's because i haven't seen anything else of her. Has anyone else found anything on her?
Tue, Mar 1 2005 23:07
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Wed, Mar 2 2005 0:56
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Can't see your pic, and there are no others. According to you are looking for Cole. This is her (but her name isn't Cole).
Fri, Jul 15 2005 12:08
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Her real name is Amanda Cruz and she was Playboy coed of the week. She was also seen on some vids (but no real action).

Fri, Jul 22 2005 9:40
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This Chick is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Sat, Jul 23 2005 4:16
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Mon, Aug 7 2006 19:49
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This chick is hot. She's in a bunch of shoots/videos on (which makes sense because thats a Florida porn site and she's from FLA) ... unfortunately she's just there looking hot, never gets naked or nailed. But could this possibly be her on the bed in the newest (7-26-2006) VipCrew video (again a FLA porn site)?

The video with "rita" it looks a lot like her.

I'd definitely pay for her website if she did some hardcore or lezzie action.

Tue, Aug 8 2006 0:41
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the rapid share files have been deleted

any chance of someone re-uploading them?
Thu, Aug 31 2006 12:58
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can someone re upload please
Sun, Sep 10 2006 9:57
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is it so hard to reupload?????
Sun, Jan 14 2007 17:13
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Pleaseeee someone reupload ....

it is so hard to FIND a video or picture of this cute girl in the net...

after 3 weeks.....

dont be hurry , enjoy yourself :( PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



Wed, Feb 21 2007 0:06
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She's the one in the black see thru top in the first movie in the last set of movies in the above response.



Fri, Mar 30 2007 14:51
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Hey!! I'm so surpized and glad this amazing beauty has a thread and, even a web page and nudes!! So great!! Been looking for her for ages...

I know there are many of us who truly appreciate if the poster could reupload those pics... PLEASE!!

Cheers mates!

Sat, Mar 31 2007 12:28
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Wed, Aug 8 2007 23:01
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Awesome! In fact, if you go you're inside the whole thing...

Sat, Mar 22 2008 0:03
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i'm still looking for the brunette in the first movie on this page.  Does anyone have any more info on her?

Mon, Mar 31 2008 12:02
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Mon, Mar 31 2008 17:17
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from looking on her site the only sets of her are from 2005!  I'm wondrering if she's still doing the site.  Anybody know?

Sun, Jul 6 2008 1:28
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 Her name is Amanda Cruz.  She done some softcore stuff for Playboy and Check these links:
Thu, Jul 31 2008 10:10
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Pity that most links here are dead.

Anyone eho has some sample pics of  her old site  or other pics?


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