Anais Alexander

Wed, May 31 2006 3:52
Woody Dooit
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I found this lady in a Suze Randall video, called Ladies in Lust. She's extraordinarily beautiful, with a terrific figure. That scene was a condom scene, and if anyone can locate any that aren't, pleae post the name. BTW, she is NOT the same lady featured in the "Anais - Exposed" video by Private.

I've posted a partial frame that was grabbed from the DVD, as a sample. I hope that's okay (I'm new here . . .)



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Wed, May 31 2006 3:55
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Wed, May 31 2006 4:04
Woody Dooit
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Thanks; I hadn't checked there yet. If the pics at Freeones are accurate, then apparently she IS the same Anais in the Private / Exposed video, which was done before she had a boob job.

And I gotta say, that boob job had me completely fooled. It's one of the best I've ever seen.

Wed, May 31 2006 12:16
Woody Dooit
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I knew I'd seen her before, somewhere, so I checked my archive, and it turns out that she had a NON-condom scene in another Suze Randall video, called "Sophisticated Sluts". A sample is provided, to show why her boob job worked so well. Instead of trying to stuff in as much as they could, to give her stereo warheads, they used some restraint and kept it reasonable. Which fits perfectly with her slender body.

If anyone can find any galleries, or name any other videos with b/g non-condom scenes, please do.

Fri, Jul 27 2007 9:40
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She's gorgeous!
Sat, Jul 28 2007 9:10
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I hate to ask, but does she do Anail?



Fri, Nov 7 2008 14:26
Woody Dooit
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Karn - don't recall seeing any. What I found, instead, was three great picsets. Here are samples from one of them.

I'm willing to post some pics from the other two sets, but I want to try to create a bit of a negotiation, and a fair and balanced trade. If anyone else here can give me a link to a thread or post, with any lady I've never seen before who has a body in the same league as this, I'll post more pics, from her other sets:

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