Anastasia Blue

Anastasia Blue

Wed, Dec 8 2004 0:07
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Good find.  She's Anastasia Blue, I'm pretty sure.  Very jerkofftoable.
Wed, Dec 8 2004 13:12
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I love this nasty girl!
Wed, Dec 8 2004 15:52
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^ Damn, I was right. ^ Wink Big Smile
Wed, Dec 8 2004 19:34
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Thu, Oct 20 2005 9:44
sunny south coast
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--Edit for preview,

from Funky2004

Hi Everyone,

Before the ''Great Computer Crash'' of 2002 (mine that is). I had lots of this girl...all lost, and I cant remember her proper name. Havnt seen her in a while, so can anyone help? please.

DrumCool [H]

Thu, Oct 20 2005 9:46
sunny south coast
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Ok...wheres the attachment gone??

Be back later

Thu, Oct 20 2005 10:58
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 drumasteruk wrote:

Ok...wheres the attachment gone??

max.80kB and do NOT use the 'previewtool', or pic will disappear.


Thu, Oct 20 2005 15:02
sunny south coast
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Thanks Funky

Think I'm having an 'idiot day', lets try once more...

Thu, Oct 20 2005 16:50
sunny south coast
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Hey Thanks Funky,

Extra Herring Ration for you tonightBig Smile [:D]

Anyone got more? seem to recall a set on a five bar gate and one dressed in buckskins

Cool [H]

Thu, Oct 20 2005 17:58
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Fri, Oct 21 2005 17:06
sunny south coast
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Yep! A little bit happierBig Smile [:D]

Thanks to funky, KS, and Pabca....Hey! Pabca your first post, thanksNo [N]

Didnt realise she had become so well known......head in sand syndrome again.

Cool [H]

Sat, Oct 22 2005 8:15
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if i can find the link i have one of her  with her legs behind her head and a drum malit.
Tue, Dec 13 2005 20:21
Ontario, Canada
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Thu, Aug 3 2006 2:44
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Thu, Aug 3 2006 14:58
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Are you sure you have the same girl in the thumb as you do in the link?

The girl in the thumb is Dorthe from Domai (picture saves as Lilja though), which I'm not positive but think are old pictures of the girl that now goes by Valentina at Femjoy and Sylvia at Met-Art.  I've tried matching up moles, but a lot can change in 4 years...  I personally don't think the girl from the thumb is Anastasia Blue


Tue, Aug 8 2006 4:48
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This girl in this link is most definitely Anastasia Blue. I don't think the gorgeous Domai girl in previous post appears in a video like this....but if she does I wouldn't mind seeing that one, too!
Mon, Nov 13 2006 9:31
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Tue, Apr 1 2008 1:17
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