ANGELFUNS girls! Are they legal in the UK?

Tue, Aug 23 2005 13:43
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Just wondering if the girls from ANGELFUNS are legal in the UK?  Some of these girls don't look 16.


Tue, Aug 23 2005 14:18
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Every porn producer's dream is to get a 19yo who looks 15, while their worst nightmare is to unknowingly hire a 15yo who looks 19 (cough! Tracy Lords! cough, cough!).  But if you ever want to know for yourself, just look at the bottom of the main page on any porn site, and it should have a 2257 statement telling you the girls are all over 18.

All models depicted on this site were at least 18 years old at the time the photos and the videos were taken.

Tue, Aug 23 2005 15:58
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Hi Tattoo

Here we go again!

Just went and had a look around Angelfuns.

OK...its part of the Teenfuns group, and seems

to share some of those girls.

Yep! saw a couple where ''16'' might be a bit


Go and read the thread 'legal in germany',

rather long and inconclusive I'm afraid.

Yes its got the 2257 at the bottom, for what

thats worth until its been tested in court.

My fav saying..'if in doubt, dont'.

DrumParadise [ip]

Wed, Aug 24 2005 2:10
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I wasn't in on the other thread, but now that I've looked it over, I'm afraid it's chock-full of bogus legal beliefs, conspiracy theories, and otherwise rambling rants on morality.  Let's please not even bring it up as a point of reference!  The only question here is: Is Angelfuns legal?  The answer is: Yes.  Go by the 2257.  All 18+.  Been around and popular for a long time now.

No worries, Tattoo.  There are even several threads and galleries devoted to Angel/TeenFuns girls right here at Peachy! Big Smile [:D]

Mon, Aug 29 2005 17:23
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ANGELFUNS is legal. Don't worry !
Tue, Aug 30 2005 18:27
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Thu, Dec 15 2005 8:57
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Yes...they are legal....all over the world. In fact the company that sponsored them is American

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