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Sun, Nov 19 2006 17:29
ice 9
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wish she was still modeling
Sat, Dec 9 2006 17:42
hunter 404
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I am looking for the "anya filling out" series.

Any chance to get that wonderful pics???

...she really did fill out...
Wed, Mar 28 2007 15:39
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Wed, Mar 28 2007 19:07
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tragic that this girl has quit
Wed, Mar 28 2007 19:32
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Yeah, I suspect a high percentage of the girls enjoyed on this forum are no longer modelling, but....

Thu, Mar 29 2007 22:08
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thankyou great post
Wed, Apr 4 2007 6:55
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Hi guys!
Help me! I need more stuff about this girl:

Wed, Apr 4 2007 8:34
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Her name is Anya. She was on the Hegre site, but she is no longer there. There are still a few pics floatings around on google.

Sun, Apr 29 2007 18:53
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I'm sorry! Just add, so cutie!
Mon, Apr 30 2007 12:51
Alabaster Wu
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Just adding!
Tue, May 1 2007 9:34
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Very very nice! She is Russkaya?
Wed, Nov 7 2007 5:36
ire of sis
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Does anyone know why Anya dissapeared ?

Hegre said Anya had used to be a figure skater of Ukraine Olympic team.

was it true?

Does anyone have info or pic of Anya as a skater? 

Wed, Nov 7 2007 22:33
hunter 404
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No "hard info" but she was cleared off the Herge Archives years ago.  I imagine she got what she wanted as a model (cash) retired and moved on.

Haven't seen any evidence of her being on an Olympic team...Seems like that would be pretty easy to find if it was true...Figure Skating is a major spectator sport (eye candy...) during the Winter Olympics.  I don't doubt she was a figure skater or a gymnist...
Wed, Dec 26 2007 2:18
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Possibly she got weight after her retirement from the sport she participated in.  After disparately searching her in many sites for years, I almost give up any hope to see her new pictures in this industry. Now all I hope is that Hegre allows us to see the unpublished material of her past photo sets.  So sad to see her gone for good...

Mon, Jul 21 2008 5:44
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Who is the gurl?

Mon, Sep 1 2008 6:47
ire of sis
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Who is the gurl?



she is the "Anya"

Sat, Oct 25 2008 16:57
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Anya! The prettiest girl in the net. Never HC or SC photos, simply girlfriend photos.

I think for me the first photos are from the mid-nineties and the fill out photos from five-seven years later.
Even if she was very very young when the first photos .... they had the perfect body and face. A great loss, because it no longer gives new photos and
the current Anya is only a woman with large breasts. No longer a Angel...;)
Wed, Mar 18 2009 16:34
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 Thanks for all the Anya pic. 

This site has a set from Hegre

 just search anya

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Wed, Aug 25 2010 13:21
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Anyone knows the name of this girl? She's from Hegre archives




Sat, Jan 15 2011 10:50
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Tue, Jan 18 2011 15:35
six gun
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This link still lives. I guess if your life has moved on, married, kids whatever; you aren't so keen on being posted any more Take Tawnee Stone for example and all the fuss about her supposed accident before the New Year. Also found this one too - it is from the web archive so is not live as such but is an archived page from the past.
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