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Mon, Jul 18 2005 3:40
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Not seen before but really sweet, anyone know of any other sets?


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Wed, Dec 7 2005 17:45
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Here is another...
Sun, Dec 3 2006 4:05
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Thanks! I'm in love
Thu, Dec 28 2006 12:37
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Tue, Aug 21 2007 8:11
lord carl
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same scene, diff clips... she seems to have enjoyed herself so it's likely she did more hc in the states... anyone?

i love the way the guy tries to pass her off as an 18-yr-old

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Tue, Aug 21 2007 11:22
The Netherlands
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Does anyone know other names she might use?
just 'autumn' gets too many hits

Thu, Oct 18 2007 17:24
lord carl
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bloody hell

that's pretty wet Stick out tongue

Tue, Jun 24 2008 4:37
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Are you guys sure the HC Autumn is the cheeky british gal we know at simonscans or Autumn Austin who is Amercian? In the clip she has an american accent while in the simonscans vid it is clearly english. check her out here both have brown eyes and look entirely similar but I am not sure if they are one and the same.
Thu, Jun 26 2008 12:06
lord carl
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autumn austin is a totally different model, around for ages now - the autumn in exploited teens is definitely the same girl from simonscans. so she obviosly went to the states for a while - whether she did any more hardcore while she was there, not sure..?

Sat, Jul 5 2008 14:44
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Should be new. I love this chick.


Shit -- sorry, the site I tried to post was banned from here.  Will I get in trouble if I suggest that fans of Autumn do a Google image search for Autumn?  They should find the pages I found.

Fri, Sep 12 2008 19:49
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Not seen before but really sweet, anyone know of any other sets?


She's also at AllRuth, as this blog post hints:

...with a taster here:

Tue, Oct 14 2008 9:47
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Tue, Aug 11 2009 10:00
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I like her! is there more?

Mon, Jun 7 2010 19:45
Count Five
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Mon, Jun 21 2010 9:08
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Fri, Mar 22 2013 8:11
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Fri, Mar 22 2013 19:23
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Wed, Aug 14 2013 17:29
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Anyone have any more of her?

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