Best way to block popups?

Tue, Jun 15 2010 20:24
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Hey guys,


I'm looking for a good way to block livejasmin pop up windows.  I use Firefox and have tried adding the domain to Ad Block + but that hasn't worked...

Wed, Jun 16 2010 1:23
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I'm looking for it too�?
Wed, Jun 16 2010 4:15
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I am using FF-addon AdBlock Plus latest version.  Works fine for me.  Tricky thing is that LiveJasmin uses various url's for their ad pop-ups. As soon you are on a site with a LJ pop-up, then click on the ABP icon in right upper corner and check the link for blocking.

Wed, Jun 16 2010 11:41
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Yes, looks like thats it. They have many, many domain names... Thank you
Thu, Jun 17 2010 12:38
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It looks like adding the various domains to AdBlock+ won't prevent the actual pop-ups.  For that you need to probably use the no-script add-on for Frirefox.

Damn - I hate LiveJasmin with a passion.

Sat, Jun 26 2010 8:33
Posts 1,533 has got a number URL , can any one provide with the URL s so that I can add to my ADBLOCK.
Mon, Jun 28 2010 20:11
san dimas
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live jasmine is a popup pain in my ass!
Tue, Jun 29 2010 7:45
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if you can change your DNS settings to the opendns servers ( then block Live Jasmine from there. My DNS is set via my router. The only downside is the popup still appears but without the Live Jasmine content you just an opendns error message saying the site is blocked.

Hope this helps.

Wed, Jun 30 2010 6:14
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Found this and its working for me
Open up Adblock-Plus, choose Settings > New Filter and add this:*

Shut Firefox and restart !

mmmm did not work for long - still looking 

Wed, Jun 30 2010 9:53
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I haven't had that pop up after I installed Adblock Plus.
Sun, Jul 4 2010 16:42
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Finally done it !

Load the NoScript addon for Firefox and all gone !

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