Callista Model: AWESOMENESS vs "bandwidth limit"

Sun, Oct 25 2009 0:28
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So my initial review of


Basically if you're like me and any "bandwidth limits" (a limit on the amount of content you can download and/or view with a site) are crap then don't bother with this site.  I don't even know what the limit I reached was, but it was not very much at all - I think I downloaded about six videos and that was it.  Personally I think if they're going to HAVE a limit on the content you can get from a site then it should PROMENINTLY be placed so you can see it before subscribing.  I have made a point to not subscribe to such sites so this was my first, since I couldn't find it on or anywhere else that would normally warn you.  I just think Callista Model has a ferocious body and I gave into my male needs & subscribed.  She IS hot, the site has her earlier "NN" stuff but has PLENTY, from what I could tell, of newer MUCH more sexy and totally naked & fingering kind of stuff, but again I COULDN'T SEE THAT MUCH before they said I'd reached my bandwidth capacity & needed to return tomorrow.  Oh, and initially the username/password they gave me didn't even work so it took an hour emailing them asking them what was up (they said it was a server error of sorts on their end).  So CONTENT: this site gets a "fairly decent", I'm not sure if it'd be as good as say, "Alyssa Doll's" site yet SINCE I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO VIEW things too much, but she IS hot and the videos & pics I DID get were pretty damn satisfactory and expected I'd say.  


Bottom line: if you are OK with bandwidth limits, which I'm not, then this is a GREAT site & well worth the money.  If you are NOT, then while Callista Model IS extremely hot & looks AMAZING naked & fooling around, it's not worth the $25.  


I wish they'd get rid of the bandwidth limit crap.  I understand (or THINK I understand?) the whole thing of their server is small & they can't have 100,000 people downloading things at the same time, but as I've always said, once a formerly-"NN" chick bares all and she happens to have a SMOKING body like Callista, then they should expect an influx of subscribers and thusly upgrade their stuff to allow people to download what and all they want.

Tue, Oct 27 2009 19:32
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When did she go from nn to nude?
Fri, Jan 22 2010 21:50
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[quote user="hwashington"]


When did she go from nn to nude?[/quote] 

My first answer was lost in "the crash."  Good question - I think it explains why she never shows her actual nipples - it's kind of strange.  She shows everything, there is sort of side-shots with the occasional direct shot of dildos or dick, but always manages to have her nipples covered.  It's weird.  I think in her zip sets it shows the tits too, but I think it's pretty lame to have to pay an extra fee to download "special sets" on these individual model's sites (Kate's Playground is another example of this) after having already spent money on the subscription.  It's like, "for our VERY best material you have to pay a $15 service charge".  I dunno, sorry, off-track.  But yeah, you do get to see mostly ass, like the general area of the pussy but not really any full-on shots of it, and never the tits unless you buy a zip set.  But it is clear that she still gets very naked.   

Also as I'd said previously, after you get a membership & really have a chance (again, over the course of a few weeks since you're so limited daily) to check the videos out, it has sort of a strange vibe of like she & her boyfriend (the photographer?) want to have a fun time with showing her off to the camera, but she reacts a little too much to him.  Very hard to explain since it's now been a few months since I last had the subscription and wasn't a huge fan of the site.  I mean any site where you're left going, "well... I think it MAY have been worth the money... or not... she sort of got naked, there seemed to be a dick in her sometimes and that babyoil video was ok... from what I could tell with each 15 minute session once a day before I got booted off..." is a weird site.  I remember when I first got a subscription to Alyssa Doll a few years back when it was assumed she was mostly an NN model how amazing it was to find that she had totally nude masturbating videos on her site - it felt like an internet porn jackpot.  Then there's this site, which was a letdown when -advertising spam not wanted here - post your crap elsewhere-ed to that standard.  

Like I said though, if you're a huge fan of hers from the free stuff then you'll probably be happy with the few nude vids.  I just couldn't handle the small bandwidth limit for trying to find the best content. Maybe other subscribers have a different opinion?


Fri, Jul 2 2010 10:23
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I did a whois search on their site and it shows they registered the domain through GoDaddy but they actually have it hosted with: ...

I looked at their costs and my god it is expensive... They charge a large base cost and then charge per GB transfered... Why someone would choose that hosting plan over one that has a base max GB transfer in their plan for the same monthly charge I will never understand....

With my domains I have transfers up to 7500GB per month and 750GB of storage for the same $7 / month (also unlimited sub-domains, 1000 MySQL servers, unlimited e-mail, Etc.)... That should be more than plenty for a small site like hers... They would never exceed that for a few years and it would cut their costs down considerably...

Fri, Jul 2 2010 11:08
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Also smart ppl watch porn

Mon, Aug 23 2010 23:49
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GoDaddy is against adult sites in their TOS.

Callista (like a lot of the adult sites online now) was smart to host where she is.

It's not about cost, it's all about service. You get exactly what you pay for and it's hard as hell to beat Colo-cation for service. It's far above everyone else. The owner/operator of colo is practically available for help 24/7 and that's not an exaggeration but very literal. Few if any other hosting companies will respond personally and instantly by IM if you have a question or problem. If you have a problem it will get fixed immediately - period.

All the hardware is kept up to date and improved and upgraded constantly.

I've had several sites on cheap hosting and have never failed to regret it. Trouble tickets? That crap can take days and most always fail to address the issue without several back-and-forth messages.

You want to run a business on fifth-rate kiddie hosting? Go right ahead.


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