Camilla Quance

Sun, Sep 3 2006 14:28
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Hi does anyone know where else to find this lovely lady? does she have her own web site? she presents on a channel they seem to call 'babe star' which is on after 9pm in the uk on sky channel 918. ive also seen her on a television x preview i think and i guess shes been a presenter for babestar tv also. can anyone help. thanks
Thu, Dec 6 2007 20:46
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Camilla Quance is the hottest babe on TV. She's currently on Hotel Voyeur on Over 18 TV Channel 914. Here are some pics of her, if you Google her full name, you'll find a few more, not many though.....

and her Myspace where she says her best features are her 34" legs (absolutely!!)  -

Sat, Mar 29 2008 20:21
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WOW, Just had to say a BIG THANKYOU for these links it's amazing you found them, Credit were credit is due man thanks again

Thu, Jul 17 2008 19:27
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Fair play - these are all great. Any body know any more sites with good pics. I saw on one of the model agencies websites that she was in just eighteen magazine ? Haven't been able to find anything.

Mon, Nov 10 2008 17:27
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Does anyone have a link to these galleries, they were hot!

Mon, Jan 26 2009 5:28
Posts 422 theres loads more just crnt get all the links
Fri, Feb 27 2009 6:30
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Tue, Mar 10 2009 11:10
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 mmmmmm she is hot, i found some more pictures of her here: Camilla Quance

 Thanks for the other links guys, keep them coming......

Fri, May 8 2009 15:23
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I used to know Camilla.  She's originally a Penzance (Near Land's End, Cornwall) Girl who wasn't that great when she was younger.  She moved away when she was 18/19ish and started doing the topless stuff.  her official website is

and she can also be found on facebook


chunky monkey

Fri, Mar 19 2010 8:26
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I was watching her on Babestation last night, she's had a boob job since those pics were done, and possibly her teeth straightened. She's still hot though! You can get Babestation on Freeview now, 96 I think.


Thu, Jul 29 2010 19:36
Posts 1 u can watch camilla wank herself of in a tub quite good, its the only video i can find of her any one no any more let me no she looks amazing!!!!!
Thu, Feb 3 2011 13:07
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Gallery of the stunning Camilla Jayne peeling off her lingerie by the fireplace
Wed, Apr 17 2013 8:21
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Camilla Jayne stripping in a bar

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