Chocolate & Mocha (Ebony twins)

Thu, Sep 29 2005 8:18
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hi all, i'm turning on you, cause i've heard that every questions finds an answer in this forum, so... does anyone know the real names of black female twin pornstars "mocha" and "chocolate". they are 27 years old now,from riverside, LA, and i can't get any more info on them about their situation. thanks in advance
Fri, Oct 12 2007 18:35
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they are 30 now and reactivated :) chocolate high pregnancy vids must be one of hottest shit I have ever saw on interent and the best looking preg girl ever :)
Thu, May 7 2009 1:33
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Hi all

Could you tell me the name of this girl

I have two sets of photos of her, but I would like more information

Thank you

Fri, May 15 2009 11:06
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I had only one picture of this incredible girl, and recently found this gallery, but without any name

 Who is she? Anything more of her?


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