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Movie of amazing perky teen from Clubseventeen. Any more vids/photos out there? http://www.herslit.com/seventeenvideo/herperkyslit/index.html
Sat, Nov 3 2007 9:21
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Mon, Dec 16 2013 17:34
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The secret of her juicy tits: they are actually lactating (new video). http://xvideos-new.com/lena_lesbian_lactating/lactating/v3704437/

The "trailer" in which she is a Seventeen brunette, is actually all the video there is from that shoot, just called "trailer" to intice you to buy in. There is a photoshoot from the same period, with another girl. My guess: the "trailer" was an intake shoot and later she came back for some photography, but not for video. Later, as a blonde, and restyled somewhat, she returns in a video spraying milk over a second girl. My guess is, she tweaked her breasts to go lactating - I bet she's just that kinky.

But this stuff is old. It's recorded on VHS, which was replaced by digital video recording (for professional use which shooting porn actually is) around the year 2000.

She starred in a Russian movie "Moskovskie Popki", where she's actually fucking, with smaller breasts - no longer lactating. She's doing fellatio and double penetration. A slow download is available http://www.general-files.com/go/1350753507


She's bound to be in some more Russian porn movies, if you take time to find her in the stills on fora/websites where they list such movies. But wouldn't that be just a little extreme? The fully exiting girl we saw in the 5 minute short solo, is gone in the other material I found.


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