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Mon, May 14 2007 18:16
Vega Lestrade
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Mon, May 14 2007 22:10
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nice snatch!
Tue, May 15 2007 13:08
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Sat, May 19 2007 8:37
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yeah... she has one of the cutest pussies....
if not the cutest :D
Mon, May 21 2007 16:28
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nice snatch!
Mon, Jun 4 2007 7:48
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another small gallery

Mon, Jun 4 2007 9:08
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Nice to see some pics of her on this board again!
Mon, Jun 4 2007 18:54
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Any new stuff out there?
Tue, Jun 5 2007 11:57
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The case of planeteva and purrfecteva is very complicaded. I've seen sets in Purrfecteva in which she 's completely nude, but the same sets were non-nude in planeteva.
So, she did'nt get into nude with her new site, we just did'nt see the whole set. What have we to expect from the site? (Maybe all the sets of planeteva were in fact nude sets?)
Tue, Jun 5 2007 23:00
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You would be amazed at how many sites are doing the same thing. That way, they can make twice as much money off the same set of pictures.
Tue, Jun 26 2007 20:03
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Just downloaded her movie,  have to say there is no more teasing. she's in your face with pussy+finger.

now for the badnews ; I read on another forum  that she was pregant and wasn't doing anything new and maybe done completely?

and some pics form that movie; Click to open fullsized image Click to open fullsized image Click to open fullsized image Click to open fullsized image Click to open fullsized image

 Does anyone have this movie...Ive only seen about 10 seconds of it.
Tue, Jun 26 2007 20:14
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Tue, Jun 26 2007 21:09
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  I would hate to see this thread have to be closed, again… There’s enough freely hosted content out there, stick to it, or shell out a few bucks and join her site. No more imagevenue and such, no more workarounds. It was a real pleasure babysitting (not the majority of you), to ensure that this thread can stay open.
Mon, Jul 9 2007 21:28
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Vega Lestrade:

I don't think there has ever been a girl more perfect than Eva.  It took me awhile to find all these pics of her on here, I cant stop looking at her.  Eva has the most perfect tits and cunt and ass.  I enjoyed seeing her in planeteva with clothes on, but with clothes off, Eva is one of the best girls in porn.
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Wed, Jul 11 2007 18:28
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Any new or old pussy pics?? Please!!!!!!!!!!!Worship
Mon, Jul 23 2007 10:54
el fish
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Mon, Jul 23 2007 15:11
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Mon, Jul 23 2007 22:06
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Another model from Purrfectgirls.com, on another site, confirmed (among other things) that Eva was pregnant with twins...

"...Actually, there are still lots of unpublished, new photos of Eva for PurrfectEva.com.

You may think you know the story about Eva and Reanna, but you don't. It is amazing how two-faced some people can be.

As far as Eva looking good goes, it was due to Dave's efforts, not Reanna's. Dave paid for her to get her hair died and styled (by a hair stylist), he paid for her to go to tanning booths (she was so pasty that she looked like a corpse), he paid for her to get braces! He paid for medical bills for her... The list goes on and on.

I think Eva looked TERRIFIC in her photos with Dave. But we will see how she looks after she had her baby. It is public knowledge so I might as well say it. We tried to hide that fact for a long time, but since the news was spread, oh well. That was the reason Dave had to stop working with her. The truth of it was, we had to cancel a scheduled photoshoot because she called and was in a panic because she was pregnant with twins.

You guys like your girls young and fresh and the reason most internet models don't make it in the business after they are 22-24 is because their life-styles catch up with them. they look great until they start looking like crap because of their bad habits. They get fat from eating crap and not excercising, they get wrinkles from tanning, they get baggy eyes from the drugs and drinking... And what I've heard is that she had very bad habits. I don't know because I've never actually met her, but I've heard it from numerous sources, including Reanna. Most girls don't understand how important it is to set good habits so you'll still look good while you age.

Anyways, I'll get off my soapbox..

She didn't look so hot either...


Fri, Aug 24 2007 4:39
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She has a new site coming up at littlemisseva.com...
Sat, Aug 25 2007 2:24
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Holy crap it IS her. I wasn't sure if it was, but it is, if you look at another pic of her from her left side, you will see on her left arm that there are 3 moles that are in the same pattern. I can show a compairson for you'll if you want.  OH cracked THANK you for this, now I'm excited knowing she will be back soon, hopefully.
Fri, Aug 31 2007 16:56
St. Louis, MO
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Wed, Sep 19 2007 17:39
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Thu, Sep 20 2007 15:42
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It looks like it's up but not active yet. That was a short break....I guess she's got a baby to feed now so back to being an internet model.
Thu, Sep 20 2007 16:36
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Hey is this Eva? It kind of looks like her and kind of doesn't.....


Thu, Sep 20 2007 16:49
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Not really even close. Too small of tits, too flappy of a pussy
Thu, Sep 20 2007 19:36
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God her wig is hideous. I can't stand it. I wish she would show her real hair. And I heard from her photographer Reanne that Eva had a misscarried :(
Sat, Sep 22 2007 18:44
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Really? Shit, now I feel like a jerk for criticizing the way she looked in the photo I posted the link to... Angry

BTW, you sure that's a wig in the littlemisseva photos? I think actually she looked pretty good with bangs in those shots...

If Eva should happen by and read this... my heart goes out to you girl. Hang in there. I wish you success and good fortune.

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