Faith (

Fri, Nov 12 2004 7:11
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Fri, Sep 30 2005 13:02
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i really love this beauty, one of my favorites
Sat, Oct 15 2005 8:18
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this babe is really my favorite of all, cute face and cute boobs, if someone know who she is or have more information of her beside of bustyamateurboobs, please share it.
Wed, Aug 1 2007 9:14
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someone know who is this babe?
Thu, Aug 27 2009 17:43
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It just so happens that I know exactly who she is. How? She told me about the site called Busty Boobs. She does go by the the name Faith where she works. And where is that? It is at a massage parlour that I used to go to. I would pay her cash and she would put oil all over her boobs just like you see(or frequently I would put the oil on) and then she would satisfy all my boob fantasies. For my cash payments I wouls Sq###ze, K##s, Li##, S##K her oil soaked tits while she made me feel soooo good with more oil. Then I would F##k her awesome tits during my hour long sessions. I would finish my session on her Busty Boobs. Did it about 5 or 6 times. It was awesome.


I know it sounds like I am making this up(seeing as I won't say where I saw her but it is not Colorado), but it is true. 


I love itBig SmileStick out tongueBig Smile

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