Feet Dirty Bare

Feet Dirty Bare

Sun, Sep 4 2005 8:52
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Barefoot girls rule, but an added bonus to this is if they manage to get those pretty bare feet dirty in the course of a set! Love it to no end...

Here's a couple galleries to illustrate:

Anybody else into this and/or know some good links?
Sun, Sep 4 2005 9:21
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Sun, Oct 2 2005 16:02
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is this what you mean?

this is one i had bookmarked, i can find lots more if you like?

i'm not sure about this next link, i'm abit of a security nut and was alerted that a popup had been blocked that Opera missed, but, if you see it, the girl at the top has a site with 100s of pictures, do you know it?
Sun, Oct 2 2005 21:18
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Yes sir, that's EXACTLY what I mean, and thank you so much for those links! Especially that dutchfoot site...man oh man is that a well of sweet barefoot girl imagery! *drool*

As for the girl at the top of your last link...sorry Bro, I don't know who she is, but I can ask around through e-mails and things. If and when I find something out, I will be glad to let you know. :-)

You probably know about this link, but just in case you may not, here you go...

Here's a sweet site for pics of Melissa, a true-blue barefooter who once had her own site, but doesn't anymore. This is about the best place I've seen that has archived her pics with close to 1500 of them. Just be careful as you go perusing the galleries...for reasons known only to God and maybe the people who run this site, there are some occasional pics of guys going barefoot too! >:(

And here's a particularly nice page archiving pics of a sweet little barefooter named Jen, formerly known as Arch Angel. Yes, she certainly looks young, but don't worry, she was 18 when these pics were snapped...

Enjoy! :-)
Mon, Oct 3 2005 20:37
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"there are many more, let me know if you are interested.
have fun :)"

Hey man, I'm ALWAYS interested in seeing more barefooting girls...can't get enough of it! Please keep 'em coming, and thanks for those new links as well! :-) I'm still going through the dutchfoot site from your first post and checking all of that out. Those Eline Wokke pics...day-umm...hubba hubba! *drool*

Here's a few more links to the free stuff that I know of...

One of my all-time favorite girls, Pamela. She was on a little hiatus from Barefoot Cam Girls, but she's supposed to have some new stuff going up this month, and I can't wait! In the meantime, here's a few from a cool park set she did. There's only a couple showing her feet getting dirty, but this little gal is a real trooper! There's a set of her going barefoot through a mall, another set of her barefoot at a gas station, another of her in a parking lot...she came out the gate kicking ass!

Sexy as hell Bellecita. She used to have a dirty feet set to beat the band at Wu's site of her working on a car, wearing overalls, those feet all black and grimey from the garage...sadly, that set is down, but here's a rather yummy one of her posing those dirty peds around a Christmas tree.

A decent free site for a bunch of randoms. Not bad at all, and you can't complain about the "admission fee". ;-)

Hope you like the links. :-)

Tue, Oct 4 2005 15:01
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thanks, here are two more. i found the link to that girl, the site is called the-arch-angel

Tue, Oct 4 2005 20:13
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Cool, glad you found the link, and thanks for that other one! :-)

I showed that girl's pics to a friend of mine, and he not only pointed out the link you found, but this one as well:
Seems this is the girl's older sister, the one who got her going.

And here's a couple of TGP links on the bondage side that I hope you like:
The bottom two rows are pics of Molly, from Filthy Feet. She doesn't mind getting them peds dirty for this Shadow Players site either. ;)

This girl is new to me, but she's got a nice, tight looking body and them dirty soles are nothing to sneeze at at all! :-)


Sat, Oct 8 2005 9:20
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*slaps self* Why didn't I think of her sooner? BareBree is a great, amazingly pretty girl and one for getting those lovely feet of her's all dirty in the course of a set. Sadly, I couldn't find her dirtier feet galleries (the one of her posing around a wine glass instantly comes to mind), but these two are a couple a' nice ones for dusty soles.

I used to know this girl's name...forgot it of course, and honestly I think she's dropped out of the modeling biz. Anyway, here's a nice little gallery of her, them pretty feet getting black on the bottom...*drool*

Here's a blonde that always comes up on those askjolene searches. You've probably seen her by now...regardless, there's some nice pics to be had in these links...

And here's a new one on me. This girl's feet are almost too dirty, but I'm not complaining. ;-)

Enjoy! :-)
Sat, Oct 8 2005 20:40
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i just did a search for bellecita for you and found lots of pictures. let me know if it works. if it doesn't i'll give you some links.
Sun, Oct 9 2005 7:23
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"let me know if it works. if it doesn't i'll give you some links."

Thanks Bro, but sorry, none of the links to the pics work. They all give a message about not being able to reach them from this server or something. :-(

Yes, please, if you could give some direct links to some of her pics, that would be excellent! :-)
Sat, Oct 15 2005 5:51
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Sexy Michelle, and pics from her best set yet (IMO)...
Fri, Oct 28 2005 22:11
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Don't know the girl's name, but she's a fine one...

*edit: I stand corrected...her name is Claudia.
Thu, Nov 10 2005 19:14
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Thu, Dec 8 2005 4:52
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Sat, Dec 10 2005 4:15
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BareBree...man, I really should join her site again...







You know how cats develop furballs in their stomachs from licking their fur? If I were Bree's man, I'd have a MUDBALL in my stomach from licking her feet! It'd probably be painful to endure such a thing, but I'd gladly take that on! *lol*
Sun, Jan 1 2006 5:16
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Wed, Jan 4 2006 19:29
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hi, i rejoined because i lost my old password, i should have requested a new one instead i suppose.

he's the search you couldn't get to. go to google images and cut and paste this into it:
"bellecita.com" -review -shoes

make sure you allow cookies for google and that you don't filter results, it should say this somewhere SafeSearch is off. let me know if you have problems.
you can anonymise google's cookies with a firefox extension here click on Privacy.

you might like this link below:

recently i've more or less stopped bookmarking stuff because i seem to be able to find what i'm looking for just about straight away. i quite like contorsionists atm, i just found this Japanese? site. it's in beijing, i looked it up. it's slow though. but some of the links go to another site which is quick.
if you like it click around at the top where it says " cl-studio flexigirl zlata"
sorry if you browser crashes it will be because of the oriental charctors used. if you like it and browse it and get to a page which gives another link which needs a password the password will be near where the link was given next to two oriental charctors lol i hope you like it after all this typing.

i found a site the other day which has all the sets and more from below :D i can't get at the pictures atm they're encrypted on a different apart of my drive i can't get to >:( when i see the pictures i'll know the name of the site i hope.
at the bottom of the next link there's more links

Wed, Jan 4 2006 20:47
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Thanks for all the links JS22! I don't have time to go looking at them right now, but I'll be checking them out as soon as I get a chance! Thanks again!

Speaking of the links you've kindly provided, have you been checking back on that dutchfoot site you linked to earlier on? That place is totally kicking ass and then some! New galleries, new girls, video clips, and the whole damn thing is free. I don't see how they can give that much material away, but I sure do appreciate all their work!

Here's the link again:

Glad to see you back! :-)
Thu, Jan 5 2006 0:54
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i hadn't really seen dutchfoot recently i'll have a look, thanks.
here's something you can put into google image again:
then go through the google image pages. if i goto page three of google images i see the picture below:

if i click on the image it won't take me to a page, but if i then click on the thumb the picture opens. you can then view the next three pictures like the one below.

i'm not sure this post will work.
Thu, Jan 5 2006 18:47
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hi, here's some links.
click on pictures and clips there maybe more too

this next one you can click on the first picture but not the second or third, but you can put the second and third page numbers in the address bar to get there.

Sat, Jan 7 2006 22:35
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Thanks for those links man! I gotta get busy and find some more links myself! ;)
Mon, Jan 9 2006 23:10
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Thanks for those links shhs and lomgoose! Great stuff!

shhs: I can't say as I've ever seen that girl before, but she's a real cutie that I hope to see more of! Glad to see that she doesn't mind getting them cute lil' tootsies dirty either! *yummy*

lomgoose: What can I say? Tere's "Blue Hat" set...total dirty bare feet classic! I don't care how many times I see that set, I have to roll my tongue back up into my mouth by the time I'm through looking! Tere has also done a set where she poses barefoot on top of a pile of gravel...it should be a crime for a girl like Tere to EVER wear shoes. *lol*

Here's the beautiful Rachel Aziani doing a sexy cowgirl set. Looks like those pretty bare feet of her's got some dust on the bottom in a few of the pics... *drool*

And here's some more Rachel, only this time she's barefoot in blue jeans (a lethally sexy combo IMO). If you look at the fourth pic in the first link, you can see a little dust on those pretty peds. The other two of these links are more from that particular shoot (minus any sole shots, dang the luck). Damn shame the photographer didn't think to get some more shots of her dusty and dirtying soles as the set progressed, but there are some gratuitous close-ups of her bare feet that are nice, and certainly worth a look...

And this final Rachel link is a bit off-topic, but she looks too good as a "barefoot farm girl" to pass up on posting this one too...I can't help but wonder if her feet got dirty by the time this set was over...

Enjoy! :-)
Mon, Jan 9 2006 23:21
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One more before I forget...

This is a topic where I had uploaded some pics of a beautiful dirty barefoot blonde, wondering if anybody recognized her. The pics may not show, but the links still work. Check her out, she's a hottie! :)

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