Foxy Harmony

Foxy Harmony

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Fri, Sep 3 2004 4:11
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Sun, Sep 19 2004 1:06
Columbia, SC
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> > Didn't she have some pix with Piper Fawn? I can't seem to find them now but I could have sworn that she was nude in them.
Sun, Oct 3 2004 11:51
Dickie Davies
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This is from the front page on her site -

"Heath is unhappy...Harmony doesn't do full nudes. Sorry about that, Heath. Yeah the site is essentially non-nude, but there's tons of see through material, slips and super sexy fun. We can't say it's non-nude, legally, because it's relative. I can see Harmony's beaver in many dunno, to me that's nudity and when I see it I get really excited. She also has huge, round tits that are perfect. I don't care if she covers them most of the time. I can totally imagine sucking on her nipples. And I love the pics where you can actually see her nipples. Oh, to me that's nudity too..."

Now, I was a member early on and left because it was all but non-nude (one slip) - I've got the impression on this board that nothing has changed - so is the above true?

I'd rejoin if it is - but I suspect at least one slip would have got out by way of publicity if it had.
Tue, Oct 12 2004 19:20
Dickie Davies
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Still firmly non-nude from the look of it (pity) - and that bit I posted from the front page a little while ago seems to have disappeared.

If she starts doing topless (I know about the one pic already there), will someone please let us know. Thanks.
Sun, Nov 14 2004 17:26
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hi guys,

for your pleasure I suggest you to follow the next link:

your comments will be glad
Mon, Jan 3 2005 4:50
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this girl is so hot... i hope some day she will show us some more pics!!

Mon, Jan 31 2005 20:48
I Am Everywhere
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For your viewing pleasure I give you Harmony's pussy slips..............


Mon, Jan 31 2005 20:49
I Am Everywhere
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Mon, Jan 31 2005 20:49
I Am Everywhere
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Mon, Jan 31 2005 20:50
I Am Everywhere
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Fri, Mar 11 2005 7:52
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some of the same sets but higher quality pics
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Mon, May 23 2005 5:24
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i came accross harmony while seaching for something else, but when i saw her gorgeous tight bum, it was love at first sight. thanks for some great links to her galleries.
Thu, May 26 2005 4:55
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Very cute...

I don't have new additions sadly...

Tue, Feb 7 2006 13:33
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link from metamphetamine:


Wed, Nov 1 2006 15:58
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she┬┤s retire?
Sun, Feb 17 2008 16:08
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nothing new???
Mon, Nov 24 2008 10:57
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 What happened to her and the web site??

Sun, May 24 2009 12:58
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NOTHING at all?


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