FTV Girls Cover Model. WHO IS SHE!?!?

FTV Girls Cover Model. WHO IS SHE!?!?

Sun, Feb 12 2006 13:06
Capt Kirks 2pay
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I am very blimmin' desperate for this. Been looking all over for her on the site and can't find one pic or name of her at all.

It's the very first picture you see on this link, top left. A pic of the FTV Girls main page. The hot brunette with her hair dangling by her face.


Does anyone have her name, or more links of her?

Please don't tell me me to go to the page that has all the names, all the models of the magazine covers. I can't find her on that.

Please help, someone. My head is bloody hurting.
Sun, Feb 12 2006 13:12
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I don't want to cause a depression with you, but I'm seriously afraid it's artwork.  But maybe, just maybe, someone else here might recognize her.


Sun, Feb 12 2006 13:15
Capt Kirks 2pay
Posts 79
Nah man. I know she does exist, as I saw a clip of her before in a sample video and she caught my very soul right there and then. SHE LIIIIIIIIIIVES!!!!

Please help me find her!!!!!
Thu, Nov 27 2008 22:05
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 im searching for this girl too help me plz!


I saw her at the "Warning: Can get extreme" sample video of FTVGirls link: http://www.ftvgirls.com/models.html she is the fourth girl they show on the video, on sec 17, she is wearing a white t-shirt with a cristal toy on "the big toys" part of the video here is also the link of the video http://content.ftvgirls.com/FTVSample3.wmv   PLEASE HELP ME FIND HER 


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