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Tue, Jun 26 2007 17:13
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dcp0291 (Small).jpg

Here's a new model at MCN.  Isn't she pretty.  And look at those boobs on such a slim body.I'd hit it!

She's also on Busty PL as Ala Passtel.  Her body actually looks a lot like Ewa Sonnet's  Her boobs are about the same size.

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Sun, Jul 22 2007 6:11
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just found this girl on
thanks for the links

Fri, Aug 3 2007 3:08
Billy Joe Jim Bob
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Any new pics?
Sun, Aug 19 2007 13:43
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Did a search but the name Gabrielle is pretty common.  Anyone?

Wed, Aug 22 2007 9:07
new york - santo domingo
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Sun, Sep 16 2007 17:23
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Here's a new set. It's from MC-Nudes.  She's a lot more open, literally, in this set. Dancing Banana Hope the trend continues.

These pics are very high res.  You will probably want to use a bulk downloader or it will take forever.

Here's her model page from MCN:

Tue, Sep 18 2007 12:12
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Fri, Sep 28 2007 11:54
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Look who's turned up on ddfbusty:

Anyone know if she's showing pink on there?  

Sat, Sep 29 2007 23:28
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Here's a DDFBusty set.  Not as good as I'd hoped.  Maybe there are more sets with different pics.


Sun, Sep 30 2007 4:39
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It's really hard to find any more stuff on this girl. Good find.
Sun, Sep 30 2007 9:29
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If you notice the shoes that she is wearing in the DDFBUSTY set you will see that they are the same as in one of the BUSTY.PL sets. I would guess it would be bit unlikely that they would be the same in BOTH sets. Looks like the set on BUSTY.PL might have been bought from DDFBUSTY (or maybe the other way around). Just a guess___
Sun, Sep 30 2007 10:42
el fish
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Fri, Oct 5 2007 18:23
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Here's some video of this wonderful model.  It's not very good.  DDF can do better, but I'm posting it anyway.,0,0,0,1633

Sat, Oct 6 2007 5:15
el fish
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Fri, Oct 12 2007 10:11
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I´ve something new i think, but its dont allowed to post site....
Mon, Oct 15 2007 14:37
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And what is it ? Btw, she's stunning...
Tue, Oct 16 2007 18:27
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DDF pics and vids.  Better this time.

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Sun, Oct 21 2007 1:21
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Sun, Oct 28 2007 4:59
el fish
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Mon, Oct 29 2007 11:22
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new @ MC-NUDES today:

Wed, Oct 31 2007 13:57
Cpt. Spalding
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Some free samples from the Broadway photoset.
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