Ginger Lee

Ginger Lee

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Thu, Sep 1 2005 10:56
Posts 87  - the 1st girl (in the pink outfit) !!

Damn!! who the fook is that? anyone got anymore of her stuff?

thanks dudes
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Mon, Oct 31 2005 15:37
Soul Reaper
Posts 31
This girl needs to start doing more.
Tue, Nov 1 2005 8:29
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Sun, Nov 20 2005 18:11
Posts 16
ive also seen her in boobexamscam copping a length, but as far as i know thats it, surely someone knows moreConfused [8-)]Confused [8-)]
Sun, Nov 20 2005 22:38
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She's all over the place, but hard to find in search engines because of the common name I guess.  She goes by the name of Abbey at Matt's Models.  She used to have a thread around here under the name of Ginger Lee but it went wherever threads around here go for some reason. 

Here's a great one, just scroll down to find it.  (It's on page nine if the link doesn't take you right to it)

Sun, Nov 20 2005 23:04
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its enough to give you the shits when they have name changes i reckon, search engines when you type in her name send you back everything from anti aging products to VW parts, both of which are as usless as tits on a frog.


Sat, Jan 7 2006 2:01
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Anyone know who this girl is or where I can get more vids? Thanks in advance!

Sat, Feb 25 2006 22:12
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damn hot!!!!!!

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Mon, Feb 27 2006 3:35
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Most sites refer to her as "Ginger Lee"

Mon, Feb 27 2006 9:28
Melbourne Australia
Posts 255

Doesnt she look a lot like Stacey Bride from those Lightspeed girls? I could be the same girl, just a bit older thats all.....what you guys reckon? I reckon they are the same......

Mon, Feb 27 2006 10:21
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No not her
Mon, Feb 27 2006 20:04
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Mon, Feb 27 2006 23:10
Posts 1,259
a couple of pics from KarupsHA

Mon, Mar 6 2006 22:18
Posts 1,885
I've been looking for her for a while.  Thanks for the great HC posts.  I thought she already had a thread.
Wed, Mar 15 2006 17:06
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Sat, Apr 1 2006 17:17
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