Is it really sveba

Is it really sveba

Sat, Feb 18 2006 3:45
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G'day guys, posted this a while ago and received the answer that it was Sveba from hegre and MET. I've been looking more closely and I'm not convinced - the face and nipples look different. Could somebody please confirm. Pizza [pi]


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Sat, Feb 18 2006 6:53
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I've to agree with you that it isn't Sveba (Hegre).  But don't know who it is.  Couldn't find her in the MET-Models and MET-Art indexes.  Maybe new model.  Possibly someone else recognizes her.


Sat, Feb 18 2006 9:16
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That's very funny ... while the 'code' of the 'hosted gallery' refers to Jerry Ashelon (JA), the cover says that the photographer is Alexander Voronin.

Furthermore, the girl is not one of the Voronin portfolio ... so very confused ...
Sat, Feb 18 2006 13:43
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I have to agree that it isn't Sveba (note comparative pics) but I don't know who it is off hand.  I'll do some resaearch and try to come up with something.



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