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Sun, Nov 2 2008 15:08
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Woop. Happy days. I've been trying to find new stuff from this girl for ages... for those that don't know what I'm talking about, http://hosted.latinaabuse.com/galler...Iy,0,0,0,10764 http://www.latina-abuse.com/gallerie...1/ltn42kr.html And something new, http://www.twistedfucks.com/blog/fuck-starting-a-latina-whore’s-head/ http://hosted.latinaabuse.com/galleries/hybrid/movies/template1/karina2/index.html?nats=NDU1MzoyOjIy,0,0,0,16519 can anyone else find more of her stuff?
Thu, Dec 18 2008 19:56
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does anybody know who this girl is?



she is listed as kylie in teenpinkvideos playing with a toy

and i've seen her nude in public...

are there anymore of her??

Fri, Dec 19 2008 2:21
bloody pussies
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