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Thu, Jan 19 2006 21:02
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Does anyone have any more pics of her?  Mainly from other shoots she has done?



Fri, Jan 20 2006 5:03
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same set - differnt pics - have to say though she is stunning:)

Sat, Jan 21 2006 11:27
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I've never come across this girl in years. It seems that this was the only porn she ever did. I'm happy she got out of the biz. She's a nice girl.
Tue, Dec 5 2006 2:06
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
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It sure is nice when I decide to post a request, about some gal I've wondered about for awhile with some old material on my computer, only to find that Peachy already has a thread with more pix & flix for me to enjoy without my even having to beg.  I was going to hilariously "give thanks" for the newer thread, too, at
http://peachyforum.com/forums/thread/191236.aspx but something delayed me from getting around to posting this note so long that now that reference no longer makes any sense -- perhaps my enjoying the twenty wmvs?  "That is a turkey neck she's gobbling down, isn't it?" is still funny, no?Drunk  Ok, then I'll settle for simply tying these two batches of Kayla/Kyla/Tara moving & still images together.
Tue, Dec 5 2006 2:31
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
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"I've never come across this girl in years. . . .  I'm happy she got out of the biz."  I'm afraid that I'm more pessimistic than AC.  When I don't see any recent material from a model, I assume that that's because she's worked her way into an early grave or, even more pessimistically, the grave being a trashbag in a landfill somewhere.  I'm afraid that I look at a woman still doing porno for years as a positive thing.

Let's make a pilgrimage to the older thread on Kayla at
http://peachyforum.com/forums/thread/149531.aspx (that'd've made more sense if I'd gotten this posted a week-and-a-half ago) and to more "Tara" mpgs at

Fri, Dec 8 2006 2:07
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Waaaay too pessimistic.

Most girls DO get out of it alive, I think.

But you're right!  It IS indeed a nasty business.

So question: What the fuck are we doing supporting it?

Just addicts, I guess.

Sat, Jul 17 2010 23:17
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She was in Easy Drunk Girls too apparently http://tour.easydrunkgirls.com/home.html?nats=NoAdvert:revs:EDG,0,0,0,0 Second movie down wearing the Felix the Cat shirt.
Sat, Jul 17 2010 23:39
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http://galleries.allinclusivepass.com/ex/easydrunkgirls/movies/02/edg.htm?nats=MTc4NTozOjEz,0,0,0,605 I remember her in this video, I don't believe she ever got naked in it though. As for the VC vid, it was shot in a residence inn in st. petersburg, fl...useless fact o' the day.
Sun, Jul 18 2010 16:02
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http://galleries.easydrunkgirls.com/easygal2/tara.htm?randtour.php?cfree=woozle http://galleries.easydrunkgirls.com/easygal1/tara.htm?randtour.php?cfree=woozle http://galleries.easydrunkgirls.com/easygal3/tara.htm?randtour.php?cfree=woozle http://galleries.easydrunkgirls.com/easygal4/tara.htm?randtour.php?cfree=woozle She is featured in the Easy Drunk Girls' video featuring Tara...going by Kayla. I haven't seen the full thing but I am to believe she doesn't do anything in it other than show off her thong...i could be wrong though.
Sun, Aug 8 2010 23:59
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http://www.warnet.ws/news/9707 These seem to be all of the non-hc pics

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