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Sat, Jan 13 2007 21:40
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Does anybody know her?

The only thing I could find out was, that she played in some movies. The most famous was "Girl for Girl", I think.

Mon, Jan 22 2007 19:23
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Hmm... replies...

A real mystery this girl. But during the last days I found out, her name is Kelli (not Kelly).

If this will be helpful?

I hope so.

Wed, Feb 4 2009 22:46
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Thu, Feb 12 2009 9:58
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Wed, Apr 29 2009 1:25
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Sorry no new news but you can dl the movie using alternate means. I was just so glad to see her spread her ass i havent really had time to think about what else she might do. Got this thing about finding the b movie actresses showing their asshole... anybody else know what i mean?? I've tried to start a thread here but it keeps getting deleted. I guess they want the younger stars only. Suprised this thread lasted.... or maybe only hardcore models but there are certainly a huge number of NN that don't show anything and have 100's of pages COUGH kari sweets COUGH. sorry had to clear my throat... I could deal with her just doing girl girl as rumors suggest to keep her getting naked. Still think she is hot but doesn't make much sense if she were to turn from mainstream to just do one movie in hopes that vivid would automatically let her direct after 1 movie and never star in one again. stranger things have happened. If she really loves acting she will star again... sorry not the type to babble too many beers. lets keep posting new news eh comrades eh?
Wed, Jan 1 2020 5:20
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