Lisa ATK-Hairy

Lisa (ATK-Hairy)

Mon, Aug 11 2008 13:43
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A hairy Lisa; please more from her

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Mon, Aug 11 2008 16:07
Uk- South west coast
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Just downloaded her 2 sets off atk.... will upload a few pics soon

Tue, Aug 12 2008 1:19
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(This one probably won't last too long.)



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Tue, Aug 12 2008 13:51
Uk- South west coast
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here are 5 pics from the 2 sets on atk natural and hairy....


Mon, Sep 1 2008 11:28
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I just discovered this girl and I'm dying to know if she has any other galleries online and what other names she might use.  thanks in advance!
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Mon, Sep 1 2008 13:43
Uk- South west coast
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Looks like atk hairy released another set today......

Wont last long so grab her quick...literally lol :)

Sat, Sep 6 2008 15:00
Uk- South west coast
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Mon, Sep 29 2008 18:50
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Three sets on karupspc, latest (#3) added today:



3. ...

...where she goes from this:

to this...

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Tue, Oct 7 2008 19:21
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here's 2 more from ATK

and more pics from this one!!

 anyone got links for the karups sets!?

Wed, Oct 8 2008 19:54
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Thu, Oct 9 2008 13:16
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Found this a few more from this one...

 seriously though,  more links from the karups set would be greatly appreciated haha

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Thu, Nov 20 2008 16:34
Square Pants
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Fri, Nov 21 2008 3:39
Square Pants
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Fri, Nov 21 2008 9:17
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Fri, Nov 21 2008 10:37
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she is incredible. beautiful face. nice classic look. Anyone know if she's done hardcore? Sets for other sites?
Sat, Dec 6 2008 19:15
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Wed, Dec 17 2008 19:46
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OMG i am so in love with her.. and a hairy pussy is such a turn-on on such a young looking girl.   

Tue, Dec 30 2008 10:03
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Many thanks for those zip sets Good Job!

Lisa is indeed very very sexy Drooling

Tue, Dec 30 2008 12:13
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Haven't seen this one before ...
Tue, Dec 30 2008 13:34
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Sun, Jan 4 2009 16:32
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i like hairy pussies so much at pretty normal unhairy girls, i hate this society girls beeing shaved.
why apes or humans lost all its hairs at body, except some regions, its has its sense.
its so natural and turning on. im guy from germany to notice.
and hope my next girlfriend is unshaven, or dont shave by her own liking,
only because of shes thinking its needed to be accepted by society or guy.
in last case would give her the feel of natural and sex, beeing sexy to me, dont have to change sth shes natural.
thats the right one. what is this unruffled pussies to be? thats not pussy to me, neither at my feeling to body nor at looking.
sure its not all, if my girl i love like to be shaved, thats not important to me, but would miss her hairs in that area of her body a little bit.
i like hairy pussies, but not hairy girls! if you know what i mean lol

dont know why im talking now, but im in love with this girl at object....a little bit drunken maybe, trying to find some likeminds at reading.
society today is horrible....its all network problems today...

nice girl...karups set of her shaving is getting me sick...hope to see more natural galleries of her!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
maybe shes as much as intelligent as shes beautiful, and have a look at these thread as a watcher, reads it and get notice from, getting her pussy hairs grow again XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

very nice girl indeed ^^ *plop*

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