Lucy from YouLoveLucy

Lucy (from YouLoveLucy)

Wed, Jan 5 2005 23:08
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Wed, Mar 30 2005 7:56
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Wed, Mar 30 2005 9:08
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she reminds me very much of someone else.....hrrrmm...
Sun, Apr 10 2005 1:42
Rosso Rat
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She reminds me too. As she's from the same stable as Stacey, Amy and Karen Dreams all of whom are nude (if under another name) I wonder if she has another identity. Searched in vain so far.Sad
Sun, Apr 10 2005 6:17
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Sat, Jul 2 2005 20:36
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Is there thread or different name for Karen
the one posing with Lucy?
Tue, Sep 13 2005 21:27
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You Love Lucy Pic Of The Day

Mon, Nov 7 2005 5:35
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Can anyone find any pics or vids from this site?

I dunno why lucy is giving a lollipop a blowjob.........................but anyway

Wed, Jan 18 2006 19:24
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Who is the cute brunette with Lucy in the Pic of the Day??
Mon, Apr 24 2006 1:28
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Man I'm always looking for more of this girl. She looks just like a girl from my past.

If anyone has more of the bathtub pics where she is almost nude, please post them, and heck, please post any new galleries you find.

I'd love to contribute but all the galleries Ive found are already posted =/
Mon, Apr 24 2006 14:21
Rosso Rat
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I think the bath pics posted are the best so far. She has not updated at Totalsupercuties either, for ages now sadly. She's too cute to just disappear....
Mon, Apr 24 2006 14:52
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Awww, man....
Thu, May 4 2006 13:22
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Hey guys, found this gallery, I believe its a new one.

Still havent found more bathroom pics yet dangit, if anyone does let me know. Ill be out there looking as well.
Tue, May 9 2006 0:09
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Guys, just a bit of fair advice.
Do not subscribe to the site. I looked everywhere for the bath pics and finally said screw it and joined. Complete waste of money. All the galleries on her site are mostly available for free if you look for them. I only found 2 or 3 galleries Im sure I had never seen before, and yes, I finally got the pics I wanted, but for $30? Her videos are few, terrible quality, and only around 3 mins long.
So enjoy the free pics, and dont subscribe.
Mon, Jul 3 2006 4:34
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She's one of the featured models at the new site (with new material).
Thu, Aug 3 2006 15:18
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Anyone found any sample galleries of her new content on karensbitches? Ive looked high and low and cannot find a single gallery yet.
Fri, Jan 19 2007 11:08
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wow saw a couple of pics earlier showing her nipples..she barely exposes she betta expose more or just quit...gee

anyway a few galleries..sorry if repost

quite a few here

best pic i hav eva seen so far

Fri, Jan 19 2007 11:23
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if u've got sumthing to ask her visit ( u need to join first..its a forum..and free)

its under the forum of

Thu, Feb 8 2007 13:17
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is she still around??/ :(
Sat, Mar 15 2008 20:40
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Mon, Mar 17 2008 22:42
Sun, May 4 2008 15:03
Thu, Nov 13 2008 21:02
Tue, Jun 22 2010 14:26
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