Marissa (AmateurAllure) / Bianca (ExploitedCollegeGirls)

Wed, Mar 22 2006 12:46
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Mon, Jun 19 2006 18:33
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Thu, Jul 20 2006 3:07
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oh, c'mon, that one's easy. it's marissa from amateur allure:

and she brings a friend:

(a spoonful of Frank's sugar helps the medicine go down...)

Sat, Sep 16 2006 16:20
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She's the girl in the top two videos.  She's about as natural as they come these days I would say.  There has to be more.

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Sun, Sep 17 2006 11:02
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This can't be all there is. Can it??
Sun, Sep 17 2006 11:10
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She has a thread


EDIT: this link leads to Tiffany's thread not Bianca's

Sun, Sep 17 2006 12:21
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That's a different girl.  Thanks anyway for checking.

Sun, Sep 17 2006 12:41
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Thu, Oct 26 2006 9:49
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   Using a different name.  More???
Tue, Nov 21 2006 0:16
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Fri, Dec 29 2006 0:50
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anyone seen her lately?
Wed, Feb 14 2007 15:58
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Tue, Mar 27 2007 9:16
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Mon, Apr 30 2007 23:34
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Ah, Good ole' Bianca.  Unfortunately, she's not going to be doing any more porn.  She wasn't too thrilled when her friends found out.  I mean fuck, when you live in a relatively small town and your face is on every TGP in the world, it's tough not to get recognized.  Oh, and she was a cheerleader, so you know that all the dudes in her graduating class have seen her.  Oh well... She is a true amateur and was just looking to make a quick buck.  She didn't think anyone would find out.  Oh well... if you don't want to be seen sucking dick on camera, then don't sign a waiver and suck dick on camera.
Tue, May 1 2007 3:25
Marcellus F
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How did you find this out? She's smokin' hot and if her friends and fam have ditched her over it she might as well continue making more money!! It's just really wierd that her AA clips seemed much more relaxed and even professional compared to the other stuff. I'd love to see more of her, that's for sure. Fucken amazing!
Sat, Aug 18 2007 17:51
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Still worth bookmarking in case she comes back
Sat, Mar 1 2008 13:48
Lord Spanky
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I've searched all over the place and I've found a few video samples but still no name of this girl.  Anyone know who she is?

Tue, Mar 11 2008 6:15
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I've seen this complete video from can tell she's not enjoying any of it...she is always saying ow.  she can't hold the sit down turn around on top position for more than 5 seconds.  if she wasn't so beautiful it would be the worst scene i've ever seen.  I can see why she got out of the business...she couldn't believe she was doing it at all and she wanted out of it badly.  she should have thought of this before she signed the papers and took her clothes off.

google ECG Bianca and see what you find BTW

she's not coming back.  try searching for the Marissa Amatuer Allure stuff...she's more into that because she mainly just had to suck it and she has not problems doing that.  If she was your girlfriend you'd never get any from her because she probably doesn't like sex anyway.
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Wed, Oct 15 2008 14:07
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 I've got to agree - she's Gorgeous

Thu, Oct 16 2008 8:41
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Mon, Nov 3 2008 0:19
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Sun, Nov 30 2008 12:18
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link from drejk:


Mon, Jan 19 2009 12:19
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she's hot
Fri, Feb 27 2009 10:07
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i remember seeing some 'selfshots' of her...i'll see if i can retrace my steps....

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