Martina J and M Stars

Mon, Sep 13 2004 3:29
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Tue, Sep 14 2004 0:58
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No thoughts?
Mon, Sep 27 2004 2:26
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Wed, Oct 20 2004 6:57
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That's not the same model.  Can anyone find the first girl anywhere else?
Tue, Nov 16 2004 5:53
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 Robbie3110 wrote: Sorry inaz, that's a different girl. It's the Martina from Top Teen Stars, not from JandM Stars ...

OOPS .... iw was a slip on my archive ...

SORRY about that!

Wed, Nov 17 2004 7:37
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No, that's not her.  Same name, different face.

I'm looking for the girl in Inaz's last post.
Wed, Nov 17 2004 17:48
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where XX is 01 all the way up to 25.
12 pics on each page, so 01.jpg up to 12.jpg.

Sorry, not everyone are on J&M Martina.
Wed, Nov 17 2004 20:11
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 Robbie3110 wrote:
 inaz wrote:

MARTINA (10 photos/each)


MARTINA+CLAUDINE (10 photos/each)

Sorry inaz, that's a different girl. It's the Martina from Top Teen Stars, not from JandM Stars ...

i've actually been looking for this (tts and not jandm) martina, is there any more of her around?
or should i be starting a new thread..
Mon, Nov 22 2004 8:28
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Who got more pics of her?

Fri, Dec 10 2004 1:35
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Even excluding the Martina from TTS, the situation can be confusing.

A long time ago at JandMStars was a Martina (Snytova). I think she is the one in the name JandM; the other being Jitka. Later on she left or something, and is now with Jitka and Lucie at JLMtopstars. The Martina in this thread is the Martina currently at JandMStars. :]

I ran into this quirk when I was looking up Martina of JandM and found a different Martina of JandM... :P

Some people might not care, but it is hell for a collector... sigh
Thu, Dec 30 2004 12:09
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Thu, Dec 30 2004 17:38
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The link above contains all of Martina pics from the J&M site. Unfortunately, I have not seen anymore of her anywhere...
Sat, Feb 5 2005 3:29
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No more pics of here?? plz...

Thu, Feb 15 2007 7:23
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Do you know the real name of Martina (ex JANDMSTARS)?

All the cashfromstars links are dead...

Help me find some new pics...

Here is a link of the beauty... Enjoy

Thu, Feb 15 2007 8:53
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Here is another picture:

Thu, Mar 8 2007 8:00
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Can anyone tell me her name and where to find more of her?

Thu, Mar 8 2007 8:43
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Hi Bazulu,


This Martina from J and M Stars.

There is a thread:

Unfortunately most of the links (cashfromstars) are dead.

Hope somebody have other links...

Thu, Mar 29 2007 0:40
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Heres another one
Sun, Jun 22 2008 12:19
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Does anyone know where we can get all the J&M pictures of her now?  There must be some live links somewhere.

Fri, Oct 31 2008 18:33
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Hy there,

who can explain to me the meaning to link sites that we can't see, like JandM or 4Evermodels Planet of stars ecc. ecc.

Exist one kind of way to solìve that fucked problem?

Mon, May 11 2009 7:56
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Why every link posted redirect me ?

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