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Sun, Nov 28 2004 20:08
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There is a beautiful young lass who has been photographed by Peter Dominic for MET.

Her name is Eve.

I came upon images of her while googling in the images section with the key words " "Modelteenz".

On Met pages she is referred to as being a "rural angel" from a english country town. She is small breasted with with long black hair.

If there is any chance someone might now of a large set of images of her. I would be most appreciative. Particularly the large sized series "big" as highlighted in the Google image search of the word " Teenmodelz ". ( A site that I might add, is no longer functioning...sigh...)

I know how good you folks are at tracking these sorts of requests down, so as a newbie, I will be keeping my fingers crossed.


The Painter
Sun, Nov 28 2004 22:20
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is this the girl you're looking for??

if so, please post your request in that thread.

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