Met-Art revisoinism: model no longer shows on their site. Anita, Anita C, Photographer Paromov, JTS Arina C

Fri, Jul 28 2017 16:29
Tacoma, WA
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Attachment: Arina C Met-Art Mikhail Paromov Personality 004.jpg

At one time Met-Art had a model they called, at different times, Arina or Arina C. Paromov was the photographer. There were at least three sets: Personality, Fun & Games, and a third that I don't have the title for. There is currently an Arina C listed at Met-Art, but it's a different model. Looking at the photsets they list under the entry for Paromov these don't display. The two links above are for the Personality photo set, and one of them includes the cover.

I also have two images of her attributed to JTS, set Aurora, model Arina C.



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