Monica Monroe

Monica Monroe

Sat, Aug 13 2005 18:06
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A few films under the name Monica Monroe around 2000, many galleries for a company called Paradise Webs.

I think was under contract with Metro Video.

Very tough to find, any more of this beauty would be fantastic.


Sun, Aug 14 2005 0:50
United States
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Looks like she did not stick around long. Here is a short list of movies she was in.
Sun, Aug 14 2005 19:28
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Thanks a lot

Seems like a tough find. I know she worked in the Florida area and has sets with Amateur nest.

I was hoping she worked under some different names.


Sun, Aug 14 2005 22:05
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Thanks but do not think it's same Monica.

Here's one of her, large tatoo not on links..


Sun, Aug 14 2005 22:12
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One other frontal view.

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