Natasha Vale

Natasha Vale

Tue, Jan 1 2008 2:31
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Tue, Jan 1 2008 3:16
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Retired Moderator  (probabely some overlap with your links)

She did a lot together with Nadia Spinks   some links in that thread as well

Tue, Jan 1 2008 8:37
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Fri, Mar 21 2008 0:18
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I should have done this long ago. Props to stralinorgel for originally bringing her up in Nadia's thread, but I guess we're lazy (last summer!). Natasha Vale is one of the first brit chicks I collected links on going *way back*, and my favorite I guess after Nadia (well she was first up before and that mischevious, delicious grin of hers still makes me melt).

She's a girl lover herself so she's done only the rare hardcore stuff, but it's out there for you not so busy little boys to oggle over. Sadly, many of the better *older* links I had bookmarked are long dead... but there's stuff out there still, so enough with my prattling!
(Check out the Yahoo groups listed here; some good sets spread out through the Files sections of them)


Lez: (with Nadia) (with Adele Stephens)

b/g/g: (with Nadia)

Lots more pix (hc as well) to be had from that last b/g/g shoot with Nadia. I'll see about coming up with those links.
Fri, Mar 21 2008 0:20
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I felt this one was special enough to demand its own post. The hottest, funniest magic trick you've ever seen! 


Sat, Jul 3 2010 0:43
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Tue, Apr 10 2012 13:15
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Sun, Apr 14 2013 9:37
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Looking for the name of the blond with Nadia.

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Sun, Apr 14 2013 9:58
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It's Natasha Vale - she does not seem to have thread any more but here are a few more pics from that site

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