Need name for haze her/other lesbo vid

Need name for haze her other lesbo vid
Mon, Jul 1 2013 13:13
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So there's this redhead in's video "Workout those pussies" who I just found on another lesbian amateur video entitled (where I found it) "Bath time with megan and Candy.  These are cropped screenshoots from both videos.  I did my best to get good looks at her face, but she always semms to have her eyes closed.  I think she also did a collegerules video, but I can't seem to find which one, and I may be wrong about that.  Tried google image search on whole and cropped screenshots to no avail.  Love to know her name so I can find more of her work.

OBSERVE our  RULES!!!!!!

I thought I was.  I'm guessing you mean that my reply was a "useless post", since you deleted it, but it had a clear informational purpose, as compared to a "bookmarked", or "bumped" post.  It also contained no links, so the rule about combining links into a single post doesn't apply.  If useless really means "contains no links or photos", then that's what the rules should say.  In any case, I'm putting this in an edit, not a reply, just in case that was the issue.  Both these screenshots were taken from tube sites, so I don't think copyright is an issue.  Frankly, I'm at a loss as to how you think I broke the rules.  I did read them before posting and made every effort to follow them.  If you still believe I have violated them in some way, please be specific rather than simply flaming me.


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