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Fri, May 18 2018 7:25
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Hey guys. With the old layout, the titles of threads would change color after clicking on them, and I really liked that feature because it helped me keep up with what threads i've alread looked at. Also, new posts on the favorite list would show up in bold. Is the new layout not going to have those features again? Is there any way we could get those added back or is there a way I can turn that option on? I'm viewing the site with Firefox, btw.




Fri, May 18 2018 13:35
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Sat, May 19 2018 3:45
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Thanks for feedback - that feature is coming back, it's on the list, no worries :) Estimate - a few weeks tops. After that, there's much more changes.

The new layout is more like whole engine replacement and we haven't really replaced the old one with the current one... but more like upgraded with minimum features to get everything back running.

Now we're on phase bringing features back or replacing maybe with better functionalities, in many sense. All functionalities are 100% done after the summer.

Sat, May 19 2018 16:09
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Awesome, thanks for the response!!


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