pale redhead naked in the snow (MET-ART)

pale redhead naked in the snow MET-ART
Sun, Jul 23 2006 1:55
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It is obviously a MET-ART photoshoot and according to the url, it was released 04-25-05.  However, I could not find anything as of that date, nor do I recall ever seeing this photoshoot, although the girl looks familiar. My guess is that it wasn't released until later in the year, (MET does that often enough) or it could have been released on their sister site, MET-Models.  I am not as familiar with that site as I am with MET-ART.  Sorry that I couldn't have been more helpful.
Sun, Jul 23 2006 2:13
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i know i've seen her before, but nothing in the way of her name or series name comes to mind.

one thing about that ammlovely host is they put up a lot of galleries of older and/or less well-known met-art girls. fyi, a good way to find them is to search "most erotic teens" (include spaces) over at rarely does a week go by that i don't find a gem or two. nice quality pics too.

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