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Fri, Aug 22 2008 10:17
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Hardcore doesn't really = progress. (Not that I don't enjoy a few skanky hosebags.)
Patty has offered an incredible amount of variety for a NN or "burlesque artist".
I can't think of many models who have had as many different costumes or sets:
SexyTeenSandy Summers? Mica West? Yurizan Beltran? Aria Giovanni? (any suggestions?)
I think Patty Cake is a great creative artist. She really makes an effort.
And I am constantly amazed by her incredible ass.
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Sat, Aug 23 2008 1:23
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Sat, Aug 23 2008 2:31
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My One Dollar (100.00) Post...

caboosier, I would have phrased that as "progress doesn't = hardcore", but you're way makes sense too and I concur.  Though I myself wouldn't exactly call them "skanky hosebags", but there are quite a few undesirables in the lot. 


I personally wouldn't want to see Patty doing hardcore for at least a few of more years.  However, I would like to see her progress to full nudity.  Nude models who have been around for years don't all go hardcore, in fact most haven't.  Most started as NN models and slowly became nude models, but only a small handfull of them went full speed ahead.  Most HC (official porn) models began thier careers in that format, very few started as nn or nude.  At the moment, I can only think of 3 chics that went the full route...  Diddy, Kirsten and Tawnee Stone and they were all homemade vids.   Though after that one of Tawnee's flicks which was obviously made by a halfassed professional, her career went the way of the Dodo.  As well as Kirsten's but that's a different story altogether.

My point is is that there is no reason for Patty to go HC, she only needs to move along with time and progress just as the rest of the world does.  She's best off making her move soon before she inevitably gets labeled as another Kari Sweet (and I for one certainly don't want that!). 

Sat, Aug 23 2008 23:34
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Excellent essay pequaboy.
Personally, I'd like to see Pattycake inthecrack,
meanwhile I'll take a thousand shots like this:

though I'd prefer tighter, rattier and shorter shorts...

Tue, Aug 26 2008 12:40
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Tue, Aug 26 2008 15:20
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Very nice. Very nice indeed.Stick out tongue

Tue, Aug 26 2008 16:11
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WOW, gret shot, more??????

Tue, Aug 26 2008 21:09
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Tue, Aug 26 2008 21:17
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Tue, Aug 26 2008 21:26
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I love this show.

Wed, Aug 27 2008 7:30
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Her camera man must have a nice collection of all the shit we all really wanna see.

Wed, Aug 27 2008 11:52
Jenny Fan
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Some nice peeks from her latest release:

Wed, Aug 27 2008 14:10
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That's the most pussy she's ever shown!
Wed, Aug 27 2008 23:16
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Jenny Fan:

Some nice peeks from her latest release:



Jenny Fan I fucking love you. Best post I've seen on peachy in quite a while
Sat, Aug 30 2008 9:40
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Her camera man must have a nice collection of all the shit we all really wanna see.

brilliant, I was thinking the same thing... probably a lucky dude in more ways than one.

Um those swimming videos were incredible... somehow I used that webaddress to discover a bunch of things new to me... could just be all-in-one-place.

nothing new, for all i know, but newer stuff

somebody wanted this full set
Sun, Aug 31 2008 23:16
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 sorry if a repost.
Sun, Sep 7 2008 3:22
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This post is liked.
Sun, Sep 7 2008 8:05
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 Nice nip in this one.  Thanks!

Sun, Sep 7 2008 8:50
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Very nice nip shot..:-00)


Thanks for the post: Fantor

Mon, Sep 8 2008 1:59
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Mon, Sep 8 2008 23:59
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Tue, Sep 9 2008 2:20
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Holly Holy!  Everything I've ever known and loved just went right out the fuckin window and I can now die, a man at peace.

That is the GREATEST first post if ever there was one!  I always knew GOD would show up in the least likely of places but who'd have thunk it would be at Peachy!  Absolutely unpresidented and a total shock to the system.


Akir! BeerWorshipWorshipWorshipWorshipWorship  


Tue, Sep 9 2008 11:28
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Tue, Sep 9 2008 18:14
muffin man
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Wed, Sep 10 2008 11:44
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Each image opens up to a full picture or movie gallery, so CLICK ON THE PICTURES!


Each image opens up to a full picture or movie gallery, so CLICK ON THE PICTURES!

Thu, Sep 11 2008 3:07
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Fantastic stuff everybody!

I remember when she just poured things on herself -- everything under the sun.... so much so that the only time I ever tried to write her -- and this was years ago -- was to genuinely suggest Bukkake as a realm she might like exploring, if only in her personal life. Yep, I was a little naive or just didn't realize how far we'd cum.

t's wild that I haven't seen any messy stuff in ages....that's fine though, I'm happy with what's here and what's ahead.

Thu, Sep 11 2008 6:46
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she keeps on getting better with time. like what naven said i loved it when she got herself messy as there was always the chance of a slip here and there but is not saying that her new stuff is any worse. i look forward to seeing what direction she goes onto next
Thu, Sep 11 2008 22:08
cold capital of Finland
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Thu, Sep 11 2008 22:24
cold capital of Finland
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