Playboy: Women of Fear Factor

Fri, Mar 25 2005 0:41
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Anyone know where this Women of Fear Factor could be downloaded from? It came out like a week ago so its still fresh but if theres any insight it would be awsome. Monica Jackson.... oh man. Talk about hot...
Fri, Mar 25 2005 1:48
San Diego, California
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The Women of Fear Factor showcases contestants Meghan Allen, Tina Bishop, Colleen Brewster, Amanda Dominick, Kelly Hopper, Monica Jackson and Meg Koestner. DVD bonus features include the featurette, "The Most Disgusting, Scariest Thing I Did on Fear Factor!," along with outtakes and a nude photo gallery. Women of Fear Factor is distributed exclusively by Image Entertainment.

In support of the DVD release of Women of Fear Factor, Monica Jackson, the $1 Million "Fear Factor" winner, will be available for a limited number of interviews.

It's probably all over the P2P's by now but keep in mind it's a DVD so the file will be huge.

Fri, Mar 25 2005 15:07
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sounds interesting
Fri, Mar 25 2005 21:12
Bottom of the Whisky Barrel
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Monica Jackson's site.

Way hot pics. If you check the forums there they got a link to the PB pics too.Big Smile
Fri, Mar 25 2005 23:14
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very cute

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