Public Bath House

Public Bath House

Thu, Sep 4 2008 20:49
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Photos / Videos of girls set in Public Bath Houses. Also include Public Showers & outdoor public baths.

I guess this will mostly be Japanese pics/vids as i know Public Baths are really popular in Japan.

Image below is a basic map from above. They are segregated by gender and swimsuits are not worn.












I know there is already a page for just girls and Baths but this is for pics/videos of girls set in Public Bath Houses which are difficult to find.

Can anyone find links to more? Help!

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Sat, Sep 6 2008 10:35
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Hot Japanese girl masterbating in Outdoor Public Bath: Link removed as site became banned!

Public Shower Video:

Can anyone find links to more? Help!

Fri, Sep 26 2008 10:09
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 Great stuff!

Fri, Sep 26 2008 10:13
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that was so fucking great

Sun, Dec 21 2008 5:25
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Here is a random photo posted by Funky:

It shows the changing room and showers behind. Can anyone find more photos or videos? These are hard to find.

Sat, Jan 17 2009 16:39
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this a reputable one and has masses of this fetish plus spa, massage etc 

Tue, Feb 10 2009 3:42
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on topic ?


Tue, Jun 30 2009 5:39
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on topic ?


Yeah id say thats on topic, can be any public baths or showers as well as Japanese i guess.

Public Showers Pic:

Wed, Oct 7 2009 4:46
Posts 28 sauna pics from a german girl

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