Question about linking to videos and tube sites..

Sun, Jan 10 2016 19:16
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Obviously, I'm new here.  One of the things I noticed while on the site is that there are very few links to videos.  I haven't seen anything that prohibits a like, to say, a -BANNED- video, but thought I would ask just to make sure because I might be able to contribute a lot if we are allowed to post links to these videos.

Also for the sake of copyright purposes, is there a limit to how long the video can be?


Sun, Jan 10 2016 21:03
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Welcome to the forum.

Peachyforum positions itself as a picture exchange site.  You can post links to videos, but it is mostly about pictures.  Links to porn tubes are not welcome, all popular tubes are banned.

This decision (pictures over videos) was made by Vatsis (owner and webmaster) in 2008, as I recall.


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