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Thu, May 5 2005 1:49
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Wow, nice find ONeMg...

Photographer - Brigham Field

be sure to check out the other beauties on his site, that lucky bastard!

Wed, May 25 2005 9:00
Ontario, Canada
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Wed, Aug 17 2005 2:38
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This one's dating myself a bit, but this is my all-time favorite MET girl...okay, second actually (to Natasha). The only gallery I ever had of her has gone dead...anyone else able to help on this?


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Thu, Sep 29 2005 21:41
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Tue, Oct 25 2005 5:00
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Mon, Oct 31 2005 20:11
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Not a new set sadly, some of the posted links didn't work for me so it's nice to have back-ups. Just discovered this girl on a blog and this is the set that did it. :)
Tue, Jan 24 2006 8:12
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"Regina is an absolutely stunning 19 year-old fashion model from Hungary, with mesmerizing hazel eyes. She's the daughter of a famous movie star, and bears a striking resemblance to American silver-screen starlet Scarlett Johansson."

Who is this famous movie star?Pizza [pi]

Thu, Mar 30 2006 19:48
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Colitis,  I don't know what you did but shame, shame on you.    As far as I know, this is the only set this girl did for MET, but I can look again.  

PS. if you like this set - pm me.

Sun, Apr 2 2006 13:54
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i didn't see the rshare file to know if this is the set you're talking about, but she did do another one. i think it was called "mermaids" (that's the name on the pics i have). i don't have any links, and these are the only two pics i have with her in them

Sun, Apr 2 2006 18:41
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I think "mermaids" comes from the "End of Summer" set.  The pics that I have with that title are by angelweb.  The other possibilities are from the "Warm Summer" set of the same time frame or the "Cousins" photoshoots, also from 2002.  The brunette is definately in the Warm Summer set but I am not sure of the blonde.


Sat, Apr 29 2006 17:59
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Fri, Jun 2 2006 17:54
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Wed, Jun 28 2006 6:50
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Fri, Jun 30 2006 13:38
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Careful there Spock!  If you look at his models #20 you will see the brunette of that set listed as Jeanlie - Hmmmmm - a quandry.  It is sooooooo unlike MET to have two different girls with the same name!!!!!! lmao.


Wed, Jul 19 2006 1:44
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Jimsin, you're so right. But I think Jeanlie is a better name than Anna. Wink Can't find the name Jeanlie at, can anyone, who is currently member of MET verify if this is really her name at MET?
Mon, Oct 23 2006 17:47
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She's too beautiful to be forgotten! It's such a shame there isn't anything more to find of her :(
Sun, Feb 4 2007 19:15
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she also did a 21-ish pic series in 2004 called End of Summer II
she modelled with a pretty cute chick
also in the series it shows a picture that looks to be taken at the same time as End of Summer (with just the hot blonde) but it shows both girls and the mattress
and in the series they are just naked with pink skirts on, in the placid water
one of the hottest girls ever, in my opinion
Wed, Feb 7 2007 1:02
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Sat, May 26 2007 13:28
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Sat, Nov 3 2007 22:34
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Tue, Aug 11 2009 7:45
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is this her?`

http://-This site has been banned b.o. too many complaints about Virus/Trojans-/other/regina-6/vid-1.html



I know this is a really, really old post but... seriously?


Fri, May 7 2010 5:20
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Fri, May 7 2010 6:19
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