Rose from FTV

Rose from FTV

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Sat, Jan 1 2000 0:00
cold capital of Finland
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Rose   Rose from FTV
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Ftv Girls (Reviews) from thunt from thunt from nightwish from Guest from monkey from KS from KS from KS from KS from KS from KS from screwtape from kingkamandi from kingkamandi from kingkamandi from kingkamandi from kingkamandi from Amish Al from nightwish from hardwear from mike_op18 from mike_op18 from mike_op18 from nightwish from Rayniac from nightwish from HUY from Poxa from x6d from x6d from allugardd from nightwish from NIGE from mervin from Honey Bucket
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Thu, Nov 17 2005 23:21
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I could swear that I once read (on a forum site like this one) something about a band she was in outside of modeling... and the info was backed up with pictures of the band.

Sadly, it was not an all-girl band.
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Sat, Nov 19 2005 14:14
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anyone knows her complete name?
Sat, Nov 19 2005 14:58
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Katie Rose in the band I mentioned... it turns out it was an all girl band after all. :)
Sat, May 13 2006 14:24
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What was her name at Amateur Allure BJ clip ?




Sat, May 13 2006 18:30
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I don't think she ever was on AA. Also, she left the band. :(
Sun, May 14 2006 7:47
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She used "Michelle" when performing to Amateur Allure, she allso has done hc shot to


Does leaving band mean more porn ?



Tue, Jun 6 2006 6:20
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Before   and


dental job. I actually like more before stuff. She┬┤s more

rugged and sexier than with perfect pearls in her mouth.

Hmmm... when think of it that might be my problem tooBig Smile


Sun, Sep 24 2006 8:11
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Thu, Sep 28 2006 19:52
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Rose was featured 3 times at FTVGirls :
Sun, Oct 1 2006 3:49
Home of the Shaved Clam
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What happened to the old Rose thread?  Is it gone forever? 
Mon, Oct 2 2006 19:06
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She also did work for sickpuppy and matts models
Mon, Oct 2 2006 19:50
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some hc pics:

Tue, Oct 3 2006 14:33
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Oh my God!

Where is this?
Wed, Oct 4 2006 1:16
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Wed, Oct 4 2006 22:20
Home of the Shaved Clam
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wish she didn't fix her teeth.
Mon, Nov 6 2006 14:07
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Thanks ! It brought me so many pleasant memories Stick out tongue

In the first one I think she really cumed. It seems she really enjoyed playing with her new plastic friend. In fact Rose is so enthusiastic in her performance, maybe the most at FTVGirls. These girls are rare ! Last one I stumbled upon is Tory Lane, a pornstar. Strongly recommanded.

The second one stars Rose & Joey. This one sucks but there's an other where they're both playing around on a bed... Man it's the funniest scene ever. They act like Laurel (Rose) & Hardy. But a Hardy without talent. Joey really wonders what she's doing beside that filthy babe. Rose is on her own world with plastic dildos everywhere. I'll try to find some galleries so you guys can't understand what I mean !

The third one is probably from her Washing Up (Cooling Down After Orgasm) video. Check out the magazine front cover-like at I've never seen that one but it seems pretty funny.

Thanks again !
Tue, Nov 7 2006 3:21
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Somebody found his movie from velvecstasy?   (ed2k... torr ent...)
Mon, Nov 27 2006 21:45
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I found the BJ vid on torrentspy, I am not sure if its allowed to post link here so you better search for it on site, its easy....
Tue, Nov 28 2006 4:36
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i'm understand this,

don't worry and thaks.

i'll try it ;)
Mon, Jan 15 2007 15:35
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Dedicated [Katie] Rose fans will enjoy the following update on Our Girl:
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Fri, Jan 19 2007 15:48
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i cant get anything on torrentspy...any helpful ideas?
Wed, Feb 14 2007 8:34
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Mon, Feb 26 2007 11:39
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