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Sara ATK-Hairy
Fri, Feb 6 2009 7:55
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Some condenced info about Sara that i know... 

Yes her name is actually Sara. (not Sarah as the thread name insists) Just check the ATK website if doubting me :)

Or actually here real name is Šárka (pronounced Shârka), as it is the Czech ecvivalent name of Sara in other contries.

And as what i can tell she only did a short carrier posing for J. Ant in the summer of 2003. The pics were later published around January 2004. And she also recorded 2 video aperiences with this same dude from the photos (probably her real boyfriend). The videos she appeared in is called Natural Wonders of the world as stated above.

 So a lot of years has went by since 2003, and it would undoubtfully be interesting to see what she looks like today. And most wonderful of all would be to see more pics of her. I bet you J. Ant is holding on to a lot of unreleased material of this godess.

 Anyone know who this J. Ant is? Or has any more information about him. I only know he is an ATK Hairy photographer residing in the Czech republic. And i Wonder where or how he finds all these real hot amature girls.

She is my favourite and most beautiful ATK girl of all time. Without a doubt. Lets cross our fingers in hope to see new material of Sara!


Mon, Sep 21 2009 2:33
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What happened to all the hardcore pics that were in this thread?

Sat, Oct 24 2009 7:11
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Sat, Oct 24 2009 7:30
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She always has been and always will be the greatest.

Tue, Jan 19 2010 18:36
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Obuiously, she has trimmed her pussy hair on the last photos which I found:

Mon, Jan 25 2010 11:10
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[quote user="spiridon_kopicl"]

Obuiously, she has trimmed her pussy hair on the last photos which I found:


Wow...she looks much older now.  I like the younger pics better, though...

Thu, May 27 2010 14:19
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Thu, Jun 24 2010 12:09
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Thu, Mar 29 2018 14:13
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Anyone know where I can get the full set this link corresponds to? Its not at ATKArchives.




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