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Fri, Mar 25 2005 19:55
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Couldn't find her on search.  Here are a few clips:

You can root around in here for some of the picts that she's done.

She's done Suze Randall, and it appears to be some Earl Miller, by the graininess of the photos.

Does anyone have anything out there with some variety?
Wed, Feb 8 2006 21:28
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Could you please check the video that is not the same girl at all they might have the same name but they dont look the same.


Sat, Jun 17 2006 11:49
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Sara Lynn, Sara Lynn, what a goddess! I love Sara! She is what I think is the perfect female model ever!

Sara posed only for Suze Randall, and also was a penthouse pet under the name Sabrina west also photogrphed by Suze. I have collected every photo out there of her, and even have a couple made into poster size, and even a few test shot pics of her as well. She pretty much faded from the sceen, but is my ultimate dream girl, and I have been masturbating to her beautiful body ever since I first saw her. One unique thing about her is her unbelieveable deep innie navel, very special, and cute feet!

Sat, Sep 9 2006 10:24
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No new galleries- only a few new pics:


Sun, Oct 29 2006 19:27
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from zipoo6
Wed, Jan 31 2007 14:17
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An old gallery with a few new pictures:

Tue, Feb 6 2007 9:40
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removed dead link
Mon, Nov 19 2007 10:21
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Any idea who's this?
Mon, Nov 19 2007 14:48
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I'd love to know as well, there is no name anywhere on that page to help out the search. Angry Confused




Mon, Nov 19 2007 15:13
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Sat, Mar 15 2008 21:47
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Fri, Apr 25 2008 3:50
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link from [toudor:


Sat, Feb 28 2009 9:57
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Sun, May 10 2009 12:08
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On the far right of this 5 girl set.

Mon, May 11 2009 8:31
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Wed, Jul 1 2009 18:51
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Sat, Apr 17 2010 8:47
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old set but different host
Sun, Sep 26 2010 10:54
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Wed, Nov 17 2010 17:11
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