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Wed, Mar 5 2008 16:34
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Alya: Windowlight from Hegre

Wed, Mar 5 2008 17:52
Alabaster Wu
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Wed, Mar 5 2008 21:45
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nice, here's some more favourites of mine Janina her thread super skinny mimi her thread gorgeous waist

a couple more of super Shannon,always worth another look for her cracking bod and

jenny valentine (or heart) looking awesomely skinny up to

love this girl's thin body, there's very few of her around up to to  and a lovely set of her here she's fabulous!

similarly not many of this one either, think she's called natasha,, lovely thin legs on pic4 here

this cutie is very appealing and cute marie

amy lee pt2

nice skinny upper body,legs and bum not so much new girl unknown

lovely thin frame on this nice teen

another unknown teen


the magnificent yanna, she's scrummy

and finally.. just look at this amazing girl, love to know a name and find more, thin arms and legs, tiny little butt, skinny AND good sized natural boobs (though I like em small too), just an incredible body

Thu, Mar 6 2008 19:34
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I really like Olga D from Hegre,what a lovely skinny blonde but find her bum and hips look a bit big for the rest of her, shame that:) 

I also liked dominika,Wow she's so cute and nicely skinny not seen her before, she's just got the one set on teendreams so far by the looks of it.very nice girl, thanks.

This girl Cindy looks a bit similar (I much prefer dominika though)

heres some more video,0,0,0,

A Few odd pics now I found(you might have to copy and paste) :-

a very thin chick called melora (amazing ribcage and waist)  and

and ana from the skinny videos/sexy anorexic sites (warning-very skinny) and

A propper skinny video, unknown,amazingly thin hc video WOW!!!!!!! love the third clip

cute skinny teen julianna video hc, nice skinny legs and

another video, similar girl

the beautiful gorgeous caro,love her

melody at tryteens, nice small frame and butt,anal

smokin movies! (change the numbers 83-87 for more) up to very skinny!

amy lee in some hc action

remember me saying about the german girl maria (aka roswitha/marion/bettina rau) a few posts ago, here's some hc pics of her on a boat she's so fit

a nice blonde

checkout the cheerleader in the yellow, her upperbody is skinny terrific but her legs and bum not so much, is it that girl from my last post? if not she is similar

a skinny hc set with some good closeups

another of the superskinny janina what an awesome girl

and finally, airi nakayama, a thin skinny japanese girl with a itty bitty waist nn, sorry only the first gallery seems to load at the top, but also try the links at the bottom of the border

of them I like this one (the last gallery is best)

and here she looks cute and here and and and and also 

love this one modeling in blue

and this one  you get the idea hehe

I love japanese skinnies:)


Let's Keep aiming for the awesome super skinnies folks even if they are harder to find, I'm running low slightly now, so hope you've enjoyed some of my links, I will keep hunting though of course.Hope you get my drift of propper skinnies and not the average types.



Fri, Mar 7 2008 2:50
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Hi bridb, thanks a lot for all those super skinny girls:) Love them.
Maybe you'd like this gallery too...sorry if you've seen it:

Fri, Mar 7 2008 3:16
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You may also like this girl with nice thin waist and slim legs....but i think she could be some lbs skinnier:
Fri, Mar 7 2008 7:51
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Yes, I loved that set with Olga D/Katya AND Alya/Alena,how cool is that, how can anyone not? Alya is probably the most amazing leggy girl out there with a thin supermodelesque frame.

Lets study the leg and bum bits, which lets down a girl from being propper skinny.

it just shows the difference between Alya and Olga, especially here from behind,Alya's legs make her look so skinny, notice the legs and bum and how much skinnier Alya is, also here on Olgaright right bum a little crease where you don't see that on Alya her bum is so firm

Sindi is a nice looking girl, she was nice to look at,very attractive with nice face,hair and skin, but didnt make me think Wow! (that's skinny) true she's got a nice waistline, but look here not really that skinny at all, more average really.the upper bit of the leg has to be toned and thinner for me.

more like here the russian skinny and shannon 

and look at faith for true skinny leg perfection lovely skinny legs   and so inviting that gap:)

The extreme of skinny legs is probably Irina from who has probably the skinniest petite frame and incredibly thin legs (not everyone's cup of tea though) but I love her flexibility and uniqueness.She's obviously fit to do those moves.The site also features a new girl who ilso very thin, but in a more conventially elegant sort of way,and I think I read somewhere that Irina sadly had some sort of accident and is currently on the mend, maybe she's not skinny anymore (who knows).

Maybe a bit perfectionist, but that's what makes me think WOW! (now that's skinny) and hmmm... quite nice (but not that skinny really), those are the differences for me

Fri, Mar 7 2008 13:46
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talking of lovely blondes like Olga D, well if that's your bag here's ana fey who is similarly beautiful and blonde, she's very slim but I don't find her a Wow skinny

now I would much prefer to take yanna over anafey especially in this superskinny set

how about this fabulous thin petite blonde Lilly,a bit kylie-esque lucky guys

here's a girl I find lovely to look at, I think she's a real cutie and if she lost a few more lbs she'd be stunning Natasha from Watch4Beauty(copy&paste if not working) now she's lovely (in a pretty way), but not really skinny when you compare her to this girl with the tiny hips and waist and

lay the kat is so petite and thin,nice litlle bony shoulders and clavicle area,tiny hips and waist and of course I love her thin legs too,some nice clips She's awesome

remember that latina chick here well i found another two here and damn that's a nice skinny bod, not 100%, but this might be some clips of her and, though she doesn't look as skinny

don't know if this girl has been featured before, she's quite skinny

some video of boroka, a nice blonde but not quite up to faith at her best but might please some,0,0,0,24131 and hc gallery here,0,0,0,26516

I know i keep posting faith, and she's been done many times before, but this video is phenominal in comparison to boroka, she's at her skinniest here and looks so sexy,deffo makes me go WOW!Smile try and hunt this full video out from ass traffic if you don't have it, it's amazing

a nice thin coloured girl, 3 clips hc BANNED">BANNED">http://galleries.BANNED I think this is her as well here

I posted a gallery of this girl,here's some clips

a bit different this one, a fairly skinny girl taking some action on the toilet,0,0,0, and,0,0,0,

I like this one,lesbo action, check out these two girls Haven Vs Ashley (which one is which?) one is what some might say is skinny (I don't)and the other is a superfit skinny who looks like she could go all night

more nikki blonde, clips I've not seen before,0,0,0,23738 and,2668,0.html she's fab

some more clips, an unknown (not sure which she is of the actors listed) fit skinny,2668,0.html and,0,0,0,

this girl's quite nice looking, just needs to tone up a bit,0,0,0,1163 and some clips,0,0,0,1164

some hc clips, not a teen but skinny, shame about the poor quality

Love this thin asian and

quite slender brunette, not seen her before

brooke skye, quite like her but she's not one of my favourites atm

this girl looks quite petite but not watched the clips yet

tyra banxx, her legs look nice and thin here BANNED">BANNED">http://galleries.BANNED and a gallery of the same BANNED">BANNED">http://galleries.BANNED

theres something about amy lee I like

I've been struggling a little bit lately for some really good new WOW skinnies, so I thought I'd be lazy today and mainly skim through see if I could spot some links not seen before and tie up their loose ends.Hope you all can find some amazing new skinny Wow girls for me and hope I haven't posted too many reposts for you. Will do my usual hunt tomorrow.

If you like thinspo type stuff There are some amazing real people type photos of skinnies- extremely skinny (be warned, some may be anorexic too) on this board,lots of photos of very skinny girls and a smaller thread here discussing supermodel's thin legs

That's all for now (if any links don't work by clicking, try the copy&paste method)



Fri, Mar 7 2008 14:32
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OK guys...

this might be a bit off topic...


...since bridb introduced this skinny girl to us in one of his last posts...

...I´ll show you what I like BEST about skinny girls:

I know that this is not everyone´s cup of tea but i.m.o she is absolutely stunning  DroolingDroolingDrooling

no a real beauty but the muscular body of hers is WONDERFUL


PS: Thanks again for your great posts, bridb
Fri, Mar 7 2008 20:33
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Thanks skinnyluvr for the quaren link, she's also got a few clips on youtube where I  saw her first off, though I think they're included in your great link, some good photos of her here

she's deffo got a skinny upperbody with high development of muscle tone for sure, not so much her lower body, but what an awesome girl, as you said she's "not a real beauty" - she's not beauty pageant material, but THAT DOESN'T MATTER - because IMO this thread is about "Bodytype" and "skinny" is what we are talking about here, so a girl's face could look ugly or skanky (preferably not of course) but hope people here will put the "skinny" before a beautiful face and search for really skinny girls rather than resort to posting an average bodytype or beauty pageant type just because they are attractive in that sense (beautiful face) and just happen to have a wee bit of a ribcage.btw there's a thread for ribs under "body" and those girls could go there if they also have a fat arse and legs :)

Girls that have both a skinny body and a beautiful face of course, are amazingly stunning, and Caro and Alya for example certainly are a couple of the rare knockout beauties that are tuly skinny beauties.

Sorry Crusader, don't mean to critisize all the time and people do have different views on skinny and a lot of sites list skinny girls as a wide variety of bodytypes, but she's not really skinny in my eyes, Alison may have a little bit of ribcage showing and small boobs, but a lot of girls have that, and her legs,hips (quite wide) and bum is just very average and merely slim.Read the last few posts I've made and see the differences.We were going down that route before and to me it's not a true skinny, nice girl, yes, but not a skinny body.She needs to shed that fat off her bum and legs and tone a bit more to really qualify I reckon.

look at these few pics of athena (met) in prime skinny condition

Now That's Propper Skinny! Awesome Girl in my eyes. Wish she had more sets out there, that one's called "love me or leave me" and there's another one called "Diabalo" and "Evolution of Beauty" which I am hunting for atm.Think she changed her name to Galya later on, I've got one of her under that name called "Champagne" though she's packed on a few extra pounds there and not as awesome.

Sat, Mar 8 2008 4:52
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hard to keep up with you bridb - but some nice girls

i'm a big fan of strange but compelling athena too - although i don't usually bother with big girls, her body's just amazing. the other good set she did called 'moderne' - or 'evolution of beauty'

Sat, Mar 8 2008 8:50
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Thanks ira_tion, that's some fine pics from a wonderful set, isn't she stunningly awesome, and so fits the bill for what this thread is about - skinny.

I presume you mean big girl as in tall, maybe you like em more petite skinny.Kinda like Lilly from hungarian from my last post (or very thin kanako-more of her later), or who also springs to mind is pornstar Lil Cinderella, who I haven't touched on.Her galleries are a bit hard to find.She's only around  5 foot (some sites vary on her height) and a very thin frame and limbs in some photos I saw of her once,so I deffinately count her as skinny with lovely long blonde hair. some samples of her here she blew my mind when I first saw her, just how tiny she is, I've seen some of her looking thinner than this, though that was a long time ago, I may have them on a cd somewhere, but finding links of these photos is quite a task.Anyone got any good quality ones?

a biog and some of her movies here

another girl who I adore is Anya from Hegre, she's skinny terrific and done quite a few sets, she's also filled out and now sadly more to the average type (even did a set called filling out) but I just find her skinnier frame and amazing waistline so yummy, especially from this set In the bedroom

just gorgeous, love her cute look too with that curly hair.Seen nothing new from her for a while but enjoy looking at the pics I have of her.

Another lovely blonde I quite like, who I think is quite new is Michaelle from InFocus

definately skinny upper body, she has quite long legs and if she got a bit more toned and lost a bit from her bum and upper legs she'd be awesome (like Alya). some video of her here

similarly this girl, brook I think she's called, is slender (with boobs) and also carrying just a tad too much on her bum and upperlegs she may please some, but nowhere near as awesome as Anya or Athena

Lovely Irene is definately more trim, not super skinny (WOW) compared with Anya but in the bum and legs she's great, very toned little arse and thin legs, she looks nicely skinny here and i love her legs in the air here and very cute here with thin legs and a peach of an arse

some video of tyra banxx hope this one is acceptable

always worth looking at, fabulously thin shannon(Nubiles)/Aliona(Hegre), (she's been also been listed as demc or demi) seems to be apperaing in some different sets I've not seen before. love her small arse and thin legs and

here's a girl that caught my eye, natasha shy, quite slender and fit here but in some sets she looks a lot more average.

lovely girl I've not seen before is Michelle who's not a teen but she's nice looking and definately skinny especially her upper body

and finally, although not a nude model (more of an actress and fashion model), a favourite japanese skinny of mine has to be kanako enomoto, who is just so petite and thin, her pictures vary in thinness but you can find a lot of good ones here just look at her tiny frame and very thin legs and arms, amazing

and looking amazingly thin compared with the girl dancing with her in this video very skinny,very thin and petite tiny girl, love it, shame she's not done anything undressed cos she's WOW (that's skinny) here.

Sat, Mar 8 2008 16:16
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Great skinny girl Misty Gates that I just saw for the first time.

Misty Gates
(You Can Change the number at the end on this one 7,9-16 should work)

And on another note thanks a lot to bridb for all of the great help. Awesome job.
Sat, Mar 8 2008 20:05
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Thanks for the kind note cdBob,Misty Gates was quite nice, I prefer something more like this girl pamela from met (thinner) who I haven't mentioned before, probably the best set of her is and her thread is here, not too many on her though.

a page by "on the verge" on photobucket, who breaks down very skinny girls into bodyparts, very interesting collection of real people type photo's, once again be warned, there may be the odd anorexic, and they can be shocking for some and sometimes look just very unwell (which isnt nice). Still, there are some awesome pics there and one or two I find quite hot. (remember to click on the tab for full size images) hot teen, she's also here and here

And This next girl really made me think WOW! (that's propper skinny) OMG, I wish she was on Hegre or Met, or she may even fit on thinfetish

just look at this photo of these two girls, one on right looks so fat next to the other superskinny girl, amazing thin thin body and awesome skinny thin legs

she's also here and here and here with this lucky short guy and think this might be her too 

Does anyone know of a nude model with legs that are superskinny like this girl?

that's all for now just a small addition

Sun, Mar 9 2008 8:37
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A couple of nice nude galleries CMR and syndi is a lovely girl (attractive girl next door type) very nice skin and lovely hair, but more slim rather than skinny I find.Rollinass posted a nice set of her a few posts ago and I noticed she doesn't have a mole above her lip on those pictures,I wonder if they were airbrushed out? interesting that.

Inna was a bit skinnier, her upper body is not bad, but once again I think it's the legs and bum that make me think, hmmm... not really that skinny. Now Olga's set of her in the woods is a REAL skinny girl. I love that set.Here's a few from  At The Lake, (which is similar) and look at her fab legs to see the difference, a propper skinny girl.

and this next picture shows a nice skinny pair of legs from behind, all the way up to her bum, I love that, no fat on her legs which is better than IMO

Skinny supreme in my eyes

talking of supremely skinny, noticed there seems to be another new very skinny model at thinfetish not seen a sample gallery yet of her, just this one pic from the tour pages.Has anyone joined yet, if so what's the content like? it does say it has video now but I am holding out till it's about a year old and maybe has plenty of content.

Heather is definately a super skinny girl, I think she's awesome, a propper WOW girl here's a link to a couple of galleries

not a Wow girl, more slender than skinny which will probably please some people as she's a blonde teen with a nice enough figure, not been able to find any free galleries but she's got a few nice tour pictures on the welcome page

Sun, Mar 9 2008 9:19
Posts 10


i love the pics of anya from hegre you posted some time ago. please post more of her. it is very hard to find pics of her, so i hope you share your anya pics with us. anya is my favorite model.



Sun, Mar 9 2008 10:18
Posts 62

hi duc1977, yes anya is one of my favourites too, especially her propper skinny ones, not sure what pics to post, would you like more of the bedroom set or other sets?

there are always her threads to check for various free galleries and links of her, which you can find here

anyway your wish is my command so here are a few more from that bedroom set, obviously I can't post them all or I will probably get moaned at or banned for posting a full set. Although I think these maybe not the full resolution of the purchased set from hegre, they're certainly very good quality photos as usual from Hegre. I like looking at the really high def phots from the likes of Met and Hegre and wacking em on a flash card or cd, then putting em on the PS3 to view on my hidef tv via HDMI, they look outstanding this way, and you can zoom into every area of the pictures in detail and see the tiniest detail of bodyhair etc. Anyway, totally off topic that, so let's view some more Anya

she's incredible isnt she, I wish more girls had this amazing toned skinny look, just gorgeous to look at, I never tire of her.

Sun, Mar 9 2008 11:41
Posts 10
please check your inbox. sent you a private message.
Sun, Mar 9 2008 11:57
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Talking of toned girls, and I'm not sure I should post her on this thread, but since we've had Quaren from skinnyluvr and Trista Stevens from SugsSlammer, a girl that also fits that bill I think is Corina from TeenStars Magazine, I've also seen this girl doing hc, so she's quite something.

notice her midsection, which is quite incredible


I am not sure I like her boobs which look fake to me, I prefer either natural or small which looks better on a toned or skinny girl, she has a few elements of a true or classic skinny that I like such as the ribcage or her bony shoulders and clavicle area, but I wouldn't catagorize her as a classic skinny, particularly here from behind, her bum isnt that small and her legs arent thin or toned enough


despite this and her fakies she still appeals more to me than the average slim type such as syndi (she even looks similar to her facially) and that midsection makes her more WOW than the average girl does.Look at it here, its fabulous.


Now I'd definately put her in the catagory of superfit and was wondering wether or not to include her here, but in a comparison sort of way, I thought I'd mention her,There are things about her that could go into a few threads I suppose, such as Ribs,Amazing waist,average bums and legs,good looking brunettes or big fakie boobs.

Of those girls (eg.Trista,Quaren,Yanna and Corinna here) I definately prefer Trista for her thinner frame and more toned legs and tiny bum, and Yanna, because she just so amazingly fit AND skinny, Quaren is Amazing-UpperBody, but her legs aren't there. 

Sun, Mar 9 2008 14:05
Posts 32

Thank you!!!!!

Please check your mail account, I just sent you a PM

Sun, Mar 9 2008 18:38
Posts 62

Because we've had a few of the superfit types, I thought I'd draw your attention back to this girl who I posted a few days ago, who I thought was called natasha.

Turns out, she might be called Naomi Kinski according to the thread I found of her here (some are saying she's Sasha)

Anyway, she is what I call a classic skinny because of her lovely slender frame and amazing thin legs and arms, I think she's awesome and reckon that guy in the HC stuff must be loving every minute.

Glad I found the thread because I love some of the different photos of her on there, those guys have done a decent job of finding more sets

just look at her, she's fantastic and so thin especially her legs which I love.She's sort of reminiscent of Olga though she's Older.Not sure of tatoo (not a big fan of them) but I'll forgive her naturally.Just a few of the pictures there, Awesome Girl.

I've scoured the thread fully now and some sites are calling her Nataly and even Anna, there's some different stuff of her I've not seen before but unfortunately no video clip samples as yet, if anyone has any of these links to any of her video I would most appreciate it.
Here's another one of my absolute favourites Shannon again, turning up in quite a lot of sites Goes without saying she's got one of the finest pair of skinny legs and arms on a gorgeous frame.Nice little tits too.She's perfect.
This Blonde from Miss Online is a model and not afraid to show off her slender frame
Thats all for now, please hunt for some similar girls, hope you've enjoyed these.bridb
Sun, Mar 9 2008 19:59
Posts 40

Talking of toned girls, and I'm not sure I should post her on this thread, but since we've had Quaren from skinnyluvr and Trista Stevens from SugsSlammer, a girl that also fits that bill I think is Corina from TeenStars Magazine, I've also seen this girl doing hc, so she's quite something.

She is absolutly  gaaaaahhhhhh   Smile

Mon, Mar 10 2008 10:26
Posts 62

Steering back again to the more athletic skinnies, which I really believe should go here but as some of you on this thread like these girls I thought I'd mention a few one more time and then I will probably conventrate on the classic skinny type or very thin (WOW! - that's skinny) and as slender as possible.

A couple more I found of Quaren, the amazingly toned skinny japanese girl.Thought I'd share this with you all, rather than just  those who expressed an interest in her.

her page here similar to myspace, some amazing photos for her fans, great HD quality too

and a couple of nice photos here which is where I got that link from.

A few similar ladies are featued from this page

which originates from the fantastic free Slender page I featured about a week ago, here's a reminder of that amazing site.

with it being japanese, it's best to use a translation tool like google or yahoo's babelfish, but you can sort of navigate without if you watch the links on the bottom of your browser.

Wish there were a few other rarer or harder to find sites you folks could find me that are featuring some amazing skinny girls.

Also, a good find here (courtesy of Slender), an older girl yes, but what a body! skinny- yep, fit - absolutely, check out the amazing Midori Takase Misato here, and here

very similar to Quaren,athletic and  lots of toned muscle on a slender frame and she's definately skinny too, thin legs and bony

She's done a few videos, featuring stretching,posing (clothed and naked), lifting weights, massage and even HC (though the japanese have a habit of blurring out the intercourse)

Quite a girl, not A Classic Skinny, but much more interesting than the Average girl with fat bits.Have a look around those pages and there's probably a lot more on her yet to find, though I'm dissapointed in the galleries as they don't link to larger photos. I have a video on her somewhere and forgot all about her.Great Stuff.

Also linked from Slender was this blog, which looks like its mainly Female Bodybuilders and Athletic Girls, so there may be some other "skinnier" types on there or that appear in the future,so will have to watch that space too if you like em toned I wont post any Female Bodybuilders (even though they are interesting to look at) as they are completely off topic here, just toned AND skinny.

On that topic if you're interested in FBB there is a good link here

but I am mainly posting this for Quaren/Midori Takese/Kendra (Corina from TeenStars Magazine) type girls as there are a few videos of them there and they're amazing some of them, like propper WOW! You have to register first to access this page and it helps if you've got a  account that allows you to unlimitedly download (you know the one) too, although you can download stuff for free over a few days if they are in parts and then use WinRAR to join those rar files.

Mon, Mar 10 2008 11:32
Posts 1
Mon, Mar 10 2008 11:47
Posts 62

Thanks Schnaggles for the Cute Marie link, she's just on the minimum there for me, looks thinner in some sets and clips I've seen, din't think your other girl was skinny at all, more average because her legs and bum (quite big) were fairly chubby, true she had a slimmish waist and bits of ribcage and clavicle but look at the girl below in comparison. The previous girl posted by bernd65001new was also below the minimum classic skinny too I reckon,although she's nice looking, slightly let down by her upper legs and so not that skinny really, more "just slim" I'd say.

Check out this girl who I've posted before a few galleries of her, but definately carries off that classic skinny look.She's almost perfect in every area, what I love about her are her thin legs,small bum,small hips and tiny tiny waistline, then she's also got a nice ribcage,slender arms, bony shoulders and clavicle area, just a fabulous amazing skinny body.

the knockout propper WOW (that's skinny) poses are these for me

amazing tiny waist and hips

nice skinny legs and tiny bum

Just so inviting, I wanna be there. She's not as pretty as some girls, but THAT body is stunning.A Classic Skinny Girl I Love her.More like this please.More WOW (that's skinny) girls!

Mon, Mar 10 2008 11:52
Posts 39
Good idea-regarding Thinfetish. the content is good, but there are very few videos and the updates have been quite slow
Mon, Mar 10 2008 12:02
Posts 62

Lidwina from Breathtakers, the set is called Moody heres a few more, damn she's nice, legs not skinny enough for me, but she's a beauty for sure.

notice not really that skinny here.Okay if you like big bums and average legs (they need defattening to be skinny)_.Shame, cos her upper bod is very nice despite the little fake titties.

Thanks for that knowledge on Thinfetish Killflower, I presumed that might be the case, I will hang out till the latter half of the year while they build up a larger content, hope it doesn't go down in the meantime.Absolute skinny has quite a good content level now, although the videos are short (around 5minutes) they have quite a few galleries (around 100-200 fairly good quaity if not HD photos in each gallery,no zips though so use BID), if you like very skinny girls posing they have just the two girls of which Irina gets her top off (she's incredibly thin all over) so if anyone loves extremely skinny girls, of which I am one, that's a good site for your bucks.Shame there only seems to be these couple at the moment that focus on very-extremely thin girls. Hope more appear soon.

Mon, Mar 10 2008 13:09
Posts 62

Compared to Lidwina, Alya is an absolute Goddess, probably the Queen of Skinny at the moment, not extremely skinny or toned when compared to the likes of irina,yanna or even Janina (more of her another time), but amazingly thin, especially her legs (they're soooooo loooooong too which makes them look even skinnier), not only that but a yummy tiny waistline, very small bum, small hips and just gorgeous to look at from any angle, I love the ones from behind of course showing her tiny toned bum. A Killer Body! Perhaps too tall for some,maybe you like em more petite/shorter (which is fine for me too, but as long as they're still an amazing skinny,and have thin legs too like Alya) but don't say you'd kick her out of your bed, unless you'd prefer an average girl of course.

just LOOK at these amazing photos,she's a work of art, I want to find this speaker set for sure

killer skinny legs and small bum and hips SO SEXY, PERFECTION !!!!!

great waistline,slender thin body all over,gorgeous face,amazing skin and hair DYNAMITE!!!!!!!!


Probably the best little videoclip of her I've seen so far is this one

Mon, Mar 10 2008 15:38
Posts 62
Just a note, I have just added to the Quaren type stuff a link at the bottom for video, you may notice I do this a lot (edit my posts) as it helps keep the similar bits together.So an hour later my posts might change slightly to include additional info or links. Thanks folks for sending me messages and keeping me informed on things of this subject, much appreciated, I always respond as it keeps us all interested in this niche of harder to find stuff especially the very skinny or thin girls.
Mon, Mar 10 2008 19:59
Posts 613
Here's a new girl - This is my ideal girl for the 'skinny class' - maybe not everyone's idea of skinny, but certainly mine. She's the 'new kid on the block' at Met-Art and her first two sets were only released a couple of weeks ago - I have both and they're superb IMHO

Yana from Hegre

Natasha shy (probably not skinny enough for some of you, but skinny to me...)

Mon, Mar 10 2008 20:20
Posts 62

Thanks for Lovely Blonde Barbi A from Met link Bollocks2, she's definatley a classic skinny, very thin all over small bum and hips, thin legs and arms, just gorgeous.Let's hope she does more because I love her slender frame.Please Edit your links on Zoya and change Fabi to Yanna, that would be right then, hope you weren't posting Fabi as she isn't skinny at all.Natasha Shy looks nice there,very nice set of her but as you guessed not quite there (for me anyway).Not a WOW girl, I like her,she's cute and if she lost a few Lbs or got a lot fitter or both she might remind me of ivana fukalot (who is a propper skinny), which would be great.

Something a little different (and I'm sorry guys but it's not nude) is this page on Daniela Hantuchova check out Training in white, that's my favourite. She's so thin yet toned and fit in that set, not so much in some of the others.I'd like to play with her, but not Tennis :)

Mon, Mar 10 2008 23:11
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look at these skinny models a non nude page i foundBig Smile

Tue, Mar 11 2008 2:28
Posts 613

...Please Edit your links on Zoya and change Fabi to Yanna, that would be right then, hope you weren't posting Fabi as she isn't skinny at all...

Sorry Sir... it was 2AM for me when I posted these, so I was tired...
Tue, Mar 11 2008 6:02
Posts 62

Whilst doing my usual search of looking for the really WOW skinnies, I came across this girl Alexa Lynn on askjolene, who caught my eye looking much hotter than usual. She's definately more toned and skinier than usual in this set and trimmed down on her bum and legs somewhat, so I now rank her as being fit for this catagory. There's a lot of galleries and video on her, but not many match up to this set where she looks the business.

very petite here compared with the two guys, toned up legs and waistline, and small bum and hips

if you don't mind em coloured (which i don't if they're skinny,mind you its hard to find em with small butts and legs) here's one I found called maya i think  Look at her thighs, She's been on thighmaster! Well toned. Here she is again having a right old session, some clips

here's an older girl looking thin, but I reckon she needs that midsection slightly more toned

one of ann harlow (very skinny upperbody,legs not so much) look at her compared to the other two, petite aint she.

She's also here, HC,1079550523,22,1,0 I wish her legs were a lot skinnier to fit that upper body better.

Kinda like this Latin chick, No! - that's putting it too mildly, I adore her, she's so skinny everywhere,lovely skin, tiny tight bum, small waist and hips, very thin long legs, bony little shoulders, sexy as hell, I've mentioned before posted some stuff on her but not had a name, Layla Rivera (found out her name now) some amzing clips of this incredible WOW!!!! girl -a propper skinny what a body - AWESOME!  (change numbers UP TO mov59, and also mov71 for more!) Quite a lot of stuff on her here  and here She looks like she's varying in bodyweight (she's grown a bigger bum and more bodyfat) and has some fakies in some sets too (not to my taste) - I love the natural small boobs and skinny look the best.Like Here and here's some more video of her looking at her superskinny best 


this girl looks quite good, a few clips not watched yet so hope they're ok.

a skinny HC gallery

This Interatial HC video looks good, her legs look nice and thin too

Something different this one, This girl's not that skinny, but more slim (shame that) but it's interesting I think she's trying to get the top off that bottle.

This skinnier older chick's got long legs, a tight bum and tight abs

If this blonde's ass was just that bit smaller or tighter she'd be WOW (that's skinny) and

And Now a Real WOW (that's an Extremely skinny girl) (maybe too much for some) - Awesome in my Eyes, petite,tiny everywhere, TEENY WEENY HIPS,very skinny,hardly any fat at all.Unique Collette change the numbers up to index010 for some slightly different pics from the same set.

She did a Christmassy set with two other girls with her, and she looks so tiny, a waif body next to the other two girls, like it's incredible, but I don't have a link.

*update*  I do have a preview of that set though here - just look at the fat girl on the left,the average slim girl on the right and then collette in the middle looking so tight & tiny, I know where I'd go.


Tue, Mar 11 2008 17:43
Posts 50

Anyone have more of this 80 lbs. teen?

Tue, Mar 11 2008 20:26
Posts 62 girl I saw ages ago and forgot all about, shame about those fakies cos everything else is great, nice skinny girl

a skinny petite asian with a tiny little ass and thin legs,0

talking of asians, here's that tiny petite and very skinny one with the fakies (different set) (I'd like her better without fakies) the others

the other skinny asian

this asian is well toned

Here's a set of a real WOW girl for me, the gorgeous Kristy (Ebina), I haven't seen much new stuff from her but this one I have never seen before, hope she's still modelling AND skinny, I love her legs.

I've mentioned her before but I think this is new from Pearl Teens just look at her legs in the air, so skinny and lush and a nice small ass  That's skinny perfection.She's not even at her skinniest here and if you go to her thread she's got some amazing skinny leg pics.


Wed, Mar 12 2008 3:50
Posts 29

BARBI from MET ART is one of the skinniest girls on the net...

Has she only done one set so far

Wed, Mar 12 2008 10:32
Posts 9

this asian girl few of you posted...does she has her own thread here?
whats her name?
where can i see more of her?


also look here some kind of pro-ana thread...
Wed, Mar 12 2008 12:23
Posts 39
Bridb, the black slender porn bitch is called Mya Mason. I like her a lot because she's not only quite slender but her body is very fit. Great ass, legs and abs. Face is nothing.
Here one gallery of that chick:
anyway, she has a sister called Tiffany Mason. She's also very slim but bigger. I like Mya more.
Wed, Mar 12 2008 12:49
Posts 62

a FEW pics from this page she's known as Ariel or Ariel Song, she's so skinny and petite, I love this set

and looking Amazingly Sexy here (but not as skinny) which is from this page

also a few more I've not seen of her (not as WOW skinny, but still petite)

and here compared with the other two (very average) girls, she's definately my favourite Les Action & Looking well cute in a hoody more Les action. This one in a dress 

and this one is great too

And so HOT here playing pool

bit boring this one (as she's not got her kit off) but she looks sexier than the girl without clothes to me

Whilst looking for more on Ariel I found this girl called Thainee. Though she's very slim and petite,she's not as Thainee as Ariel,nice video though

Lenka ( a bit off subject here ) is a stunning and cute asian - though not skinny (definately average type),she has one of the nicest pair of natural boobs I've ever seen on an eastern girl , I think if Ariel had those boobs she'd have been totally amazing, but sadly I find her fakies spoil her a bit, and would have prefered her with small or even flat boobs to be truly Awesome.I still love her skinny pics though.

Aren't asian petite skinnies fabulous?

PS thanks for that Gallery on Mya rollinass, she's in fabulous shape, very fit waist and legs and probably one of the better ass black girls too (usaully massive fat asses) a clip I don't think I've posted.She's not great as ariel for me (thinner and petite), but nice if you love em black AND skinny she's one of the best out there.


Wed, Mar 12 2008 13:59
Posts 9
bridb thanks for the links and the name of that girl Big Smile
Wed, Mar 12 2008 19:39
Posts 613

BARBI from MET ART is one of the skinniest girls on the net...

Has she only done one set so far

She has done two sets for Met-Art - the one I posted here was her first set, first relased June 2007 - her second set was released 22nd February 2008 - I have both full sets and they're fantastic, especially the new set...  However, I haven't found any 'free' pics to post of that new set yet...

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