Sweet Amy

Sweet Amy
Sat, Jan 1 2000 0:00
cold capital of Finland
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Sweet   Sweet Amy
Her site:

Karup's PC


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Sun, Oct 30 2005 17:30
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She's a Natasha on Karups sites, and Masay in an HC video or two.
Tue, Nov 1 2005 10:54
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** REMOVED - thread is for discussion only **

Wed, Nov 16 2005 9:09
Posts 3
wot movies is she in as Masay
Sun, Mar 26 2006 23:22
Posts 217

Never heard of her as about Masay.

By the way, guys! I'm really sick about her! Could you please advise me any fanclub of her? Her personal site? Her profile? ANYTHING. My appreciation in advance.

Sat, Apr 15 2006 8:25
Posts 6,255
3 last links - this is not Amy
Fri, Apr 28 2006 11:07
Posts 167
Big hit !


Sat, Apr 29 2006 9:04
Posts 6,255
Big hit !


Sat, Apr 29 2006 10:21
Posts 217

Why the fuck the link doesn't work? It redirects to completely another site without even a trace of her! If anybody has pics from the original page please upload them somewhere! I NEED HER!

Sun, Apr 30 2006 6:41
Posts 167
Sorry guys !

I've just tested the link by myself right now, it works perfectly. Have you also tried copy-and-paste ?

Tue, May 2 2006 4:51
United States
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Retired Moderator
Copy-and-paste does not work...removed link.
Tue, May 2 2006 14:54
Posts 167
Okay, you funny comedians ... due to the fact that it is obviously impossible for you to follow my link (which I had tested a million times or so...) I send you the adress were my pictures are originally from


Scroll down the page a little a bit and you'll find a picture of here which leads you to a very big gallery.


it IS the one I've posted


Wed, May 3 2006 8:25
Posts 135
Ok its not hard to find the movies she has been in, as Masay that is!
The hard part is to get any clips from the movies.

She has made 3 movies
2 movies with the studio Sineplex @ (Sineplex.com):
Nasty prospects 5
Hardcore climax 7
1 movie @ Sinsational @ sinsational.com:
Winkers 2

Now there are some photo shoots from theese movies, but only a few pictures of masay in those photo shoots. Here are the links:

Just click on the gallery and scroll down and you will find her in all bits of nasty action!
There are a trailer funktion too...but that dosent work <='(.
If any one have those trailers or know how to make them work i would be gratefull.

Btw, Is Masay her only "stage name"?

Now enjoy. PEACE OUT!
Wed, May 3 2006 20:18
Posts 442
It should be noted that "Nasty Prospects 5" features Sweet Amy/Masay AND "Lalaine". A two-fer on some of my favorite girls. No, I don't know how to make the trailers work, and yes, JimBob, your link worked fine for me, both before it got deleted, and now, from the new link. That's a good gallery, thanks.
Fri, May 5 2006 1:37
Posts 217

So, Masay. Sure, as she's russian, Masay is her scenic name for foreign movies. Did somebody try to get more information about mentioned movies? May be there's another way to get clips from them? Other sites? Because pictures from the movies were never shown before as her galleries, I mean they're completely new to me, i didn't now about such her works before.

By the way, Milena/Stacey/Luda is in one of the movies.

Fri, May 5 2006 5:13
Posts 135
Y the jimbob link worked just fine for me too, until ofc they deleted it =)!

Ive searched basically every where for the movies I posted earlier, but no site has an downloadable version of them. Il keep looking but im running out of ideas!

Its nice though that u liked my links =) thx!

Sry for my bad misspelled english!
Sun, May 7 2006 6:29
Posts 135
Btw. I cant seem to find Amys galleries on peachy18?
havent they added her yet or whats going on?
Mon, May 15 2006 10:23
Posts 135
Im sorry u guys, but it seems like "sweet amy" is on a break. I havent found any new gallerys at all.
Paysites that's featuring this emensly sexxy girl dont have any more pics of her than we do =/. That means,
Im oficially out of ideas ='(.

Fri, May 26 2006 13:56
Posts 135
I think i have found something =). please tell me any one knows spaninh, cause i think i have found a download for "winkers 2" or many winkers films. The only problem is that i dont understans how to download it. oh well heres the link anyhew:


If u scroll down some ull find the winkers 2 front and back cover and below that cover there are 3 links.
i dont know how to open them.

Help PLZ!

Mon, May 29 2006 21:51
Posts 135
Man its hard to get downloadable pics/movies of her...this link is not new, but i didnt see the gallery in the linklist., oh well here it comes!


Sat, Jul 15 2006 22:35
Posts 125
Mon, Jul 17 2006 11:42
Posts 2


here's some new pics:



fellas if you're in Denver, as I am... yes you can.. and yes I did...

and wow, even better in person. 

Debated posting this, but if you're fan click on the 'home' link.  She's from St Petersburg.. has a cute Russian accent--anyway if any of you get the chance, treat her like a lady..


Sat, Jul 22 2006 21:33
Jenny Fan
Posts 408

Some older pics from what I call her "Grey Sweater" set:


Sun, Jul 23 2006 15:18
Posts 135
Thx for the share u guys...it's hard to get any new pics of her!

Thu, Jul 27 2006 8:08
Posts 5
I think i have found something =). please tell me any one knows spaninh, cause i think i have found a download for "winkers 2" or many winkers films. The only problem is that i dont understans how to download it. oh well heres the link anyhew:


If u scroll down some ull find the winkers 2 front and back cover and below that cover there are 3 links.
i dont know how to open them.

Help PLZ!


Those are just 3 ed2K links ready for cutting+pasting to your e-mule soft...
Sat, Jul 29 2006 13:43
Posts 6,255
Tue, Aug 1 2006 11:29
Posts 135
Thx carfax.
Y i did some searching found that software as well.
Its awesome BTW!

Tue, Aug 8 2006 12:32
Posts 135
 Hmm...if u read the reviews on her site, greeneyedangel.com there is a couple of referals to her as "Daisy from Wildflowers". does any one know anything about this?

I did a search for it but came up emty handed!

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