Trouble with e-support24 or Centrobill?

Mon, Mar 6 2017 14:40
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hey guys, just wondering has anyone had any problems trying to cancel a memebership through e-support24 or Centrobill before? I've just discovered I've been paying for a recurring charge on my CC since September last year for even though I requested it to be cancelled. I've done everything possible to try and contact them but all I've had back is an email to say my membership is now cancelled. 

That's great but what about the last 6 months? It seems it's up to them if they want to help you or not. Really appalled by the customer service help to be honest since I think the John Thompson sites (which go through e-support24 and Centrobill) are actually quite good! 

I've even checked the terms and conditions on how to cancel a membership and I did exactly what it says, yet I've still been charged for a site I was no longer using! 

Either way BEWARE. It seems to cancel a membership through centrobill or e-support24 is no simple task and you will more than likely be charged again. You have to write them a message/email and then be told by an automated response that your request has been passed on. Absolute joke. Oh and it takes a couple of days. (Longer than a 2day trial)

Anyone else had any similar issues/problems?


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