What is her name? (elaine from Allinternals ???)

Mon, Jan 31 2005 9:30
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I guess that she is Elaine only from the link...does anyone know her or have more pics?

Fri, Oct 31 2008 14:22
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Yes, come on. Let's find more on her, I would have thought she would have a huge thread, she's in loads of DVDs etc. But I can't find her on here anywhere! Some useful info: Performer AKA - Elena, Elen, Elaine, Alena, Alena S. she stars in the follwing DVDs: Blistering Blowjobs #4, Scene 9; Anal Driller #6, Scene 5; Hot Bods & Tail Pipe #4, Scene 4; The Passion of the Ass #2, Scene 5; Fill Her Up #2, Scene 3 http://www.eonsex.com/details.php?wd=1&st=2&first=1155399404&cat=Movies&custom=sylvie&from=0&id=EA012600375A4B02 http://www.barfland.com/forum/showthread.php?t=171497

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